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  1. Can't say I'm a fan of days like today where it just feels like an endless cold rain.
  2. Light snow falling here, with a few flakes sticking to my car.
  3. The last of the snow on our deck finally melted away today. May it rest in peace, 1/31/2021 - 3/10/2021.
  4. Can't say I'm a fan of moving the clocks ahead. It always seems to screw up my rhythm for a while. Definitely prefer earlier sunrises and sunsets.
  5. While I enjoyed today's storm, plumbing issues have me a bit stressed right now, so I'm thinking a Crown Royal Apple with Mountain Dew will be my drink of choice for tonight should I partake.
  6. While my driveway and sidewalk from said driveway to the front door had 5" on them, there was easily more accumulation on my car - at least 5.5" if not 6".
  7. It stopped here. Measured 5" in several spots, so would have to go with that for the total. I honestly really enjoyed this storm.
  8. Tape measure on the sidewalk from our driveway to the house measured 5" with snow still coming down, albeit very fine with brightening skies.
  9. I-78 can turn into a disaster from a single leaf blowing across the road it seems at times.
  10. Precipitation ended here around noon. Unscientific measurement of 3" with a coating of sleet on top (it only sleeted for about 20 minutes). Some small flakes this afternoon but nothing like this morning. Not sure we'll add much overnight but this small storm was nice - only took a half hour to clear the driveway and can still go for groceries tonight.
  11. Meanwhile, the biggest issue on the team is still running things. I'm not impressed with Hurts, but I don't imagine any of the top 3 QB's being there at #6 (and I'm not convinced Fields can be a franchise QB honestly) so the best hope is for Devonta Smith falling to #6 and Howie not screwing it up even though he probably will.
  12. What's the timing on round 2? I guess I misunderstood the evolution of this event - I was under the impression it would be one continuous event until the end, not two separate waves.
  13. Posted in the banter thread, but this seems more appropriate - Carson Wentz traded to the Colts for a 2021 third round pick and a 2022 conditional pick.
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