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  1. Worcester, PA. got down to 32.2 last night. Frost last night and the night before.
  2. Thanks for the comment - He has done his time with on air jobs in Kansas, Lexington Ky, Toledo, and Erie before landing at Accu Weather. He went to Penn State so to some extent he is back home and only 3 hours from where he grew up here in Worcester, Montgomery County. Actually did an internship years ago with Hurricane Schwartz at Channel 10.
  3. Geoff Cornish - on air meteorologist at Accu Weather and my oldest son - explains the need for on air meteorologists to not wear certain colors. https://www.accuweather.com/en/accuweather-ready/accuweather-forecasters-school-of-weather/716916?utm_campaign=AccuWeather&utm_content&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR04Kvu5Xxuk4WTAkvTVHd3Rg7Vm_CCBe2xqwsaLeSxKQquqFaEBxdeWROk
  4. Worcester, PA. 7.56" rain. That is pretty much consistent with neighboring reports. Some higher and some lower. Highest gust was 37.6 mph. Still showery and breezy, but I expect that will be pretty close to the numbers for the storm. Rain may go a little higher, but not much. I do have an area about 2 miles from here that has poles and trees down. Localized damage. (pic attached) Power flickered once, but never lost it. Multiple water rescues in the area, trees down, roads closed. Most - if not all the flooded roads in my area have drained off. Probably a few near streams that have n
  5. Worcester, PA. 3.77" of rain. No winds to speak of. More heavy bands coming in.
  6. Worcester, Pa. 2.11" of rain as of 2:40 PM. Still coming down. Highest gust was 17 mph.
  7. Worcester, PA was hit very hard with high winds. Little lightning, but straight line winds were brutal. I lost power before it really got going so no wind gust of meaning recorded. Many many roads closed , trees down everywhere - some with wires. So many outages (134,000 out in Montgomery County) don't expect power back today - hopefully tomorrow. Rain was not impressive - just high winds. Storm came through about noon. Did not last long, but was intense for a few. Back up to 79 now and sunny.
  8. Worcester, PA. 1.88" of rain. Winds not impressive yet. Picking up some but certainly not an issue to this point. Gust to 25 occurred earlier in a shower.
  9. I agree with the above. I dropped to 28.6 here in Worcester, PA . No winds, clear skies, bottom dropped out. Up to 58 now. Tomorrow should be a widespread interesting day. Guess I will put the lawn furniture away that I just got out last week.
  10. Worcester, PA. 31.5 Minor icing on trees and above ground objects. Roads are not freezing at this time.
  11. Worcester, PA. 34 and moderate snow
  12. Worcester, PA 32 and rain. Down from 33 a few hours ago.
  13. 1.18" in about 30 min in Worcester PA last night. Drove to Blue Bell and it was dry.
  14. Worcester PA. Windy with rain and a little small size hail. at 5:15 PM. Not much too it, but it did have hail. No lightning.
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