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  1. Just started raining here, but temp dropped 14 degrees in 30 minutes before it started.
  2. .35" in the gauge this morning. Went to bed while it was just starting to pour. Ambient had an alert at 10:35pm that it was raining over an inch an hour. Knew it was coming down pretty hard, but that was interesting to see.
  3. 5.80" in Fox Chase (NE Philly) for the month (not as wet as I thought).
  4. Ambient had 2.03" and the COCORAHS gauge had 1.97". Majority of that fell in less than an hour.
  5. Good morning folks. Know it's a bit early to even ask, but what are the thoughts with Fred next week? Does it look like it will curve back out to sea, or die out inland? I checked Mt Holly's AFD, and they talk about high pressure building in from the north mid-week, but nothing else, so figured I'd see what some thoughts were on here.
  6. Good morning. Lots of branches down and debris on Red Lion Rd as I drove to work this morning (west side of NE Airport). Is there a site that would show what the highest wind gust was last night at KPNE? Be interested in seeing what it was as there are some really big branches down.
  7. Really cool clouds in North East MD
  8. Nice!!! I'll be down there on Saturday. (Near Roach Point) Hoping to get some fishing in.
  9. Getting absolutely slammed (heavy rain) in NE Philly by the airport.
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