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  1. 2.51" in the CoCoRaHS gauge. (NE Philly near Montgomery County)
  2. Jeff Piotrowski is live there now on Periscope.
  3. Just got an email from my weather station of greater than 1"/hr rates. Gauge is in Fox Chase. I'm at work near NE airport and not a drop.
  4. Pretty much a dud here in NE Philly. Not really complaining though - gotta dry out a bit. Almost 14" since July 1st!!
  5. Ended up with 1.32" from yesterday and overnight. 9.63" for the month!! Dang!!
  6. Can't complain this month on missing storms. Getting slammed in NE Philly right now.
  7. Heavy rain in NE Philly. (by NE airport) Heavier than last night's storms. Over .50" already in the gauge at home.
  8. 2.10" in the gauge back at home in Fox Chase. Cannot believe I'm over 6.75" for the week and more coming down.
  9. Amazing. Still below 70° here (69.1° to be more specific)
  10. lol "Only" had 4.65" in the COCORAHS gauge.
  11. This is just relentless! And just got to 5" as I was posting this.
  12. This is insane!! Just passed 3" in the gauge and still coming down in buckets. Some hail as well here in Fox Chase (NE Philly).
  13. Looks some very heavy rain heading into the area. Company driver out near Malvern reporting flooded roadways.
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