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  1. Welp, here we go. SPC expanding that enhanced risk across most of the area. Looks like they just updated the outlook for the area late tonight. Even the DC area already under the gun for tornadoes.. They even have a tornado watch till 8am. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/archive/2021/day1otlk_20210901_1200.html Going to be a long and nerve racking day with this tornado threat. I can't recall seeing a 10% for are area, which is pretty high. Time for bed. No doubt, we'll all be watching how things go tomorrow. Definitely be safe out there..
  2. Hi Everyone, I am loving this new feature that weathermodels.com just added today. Finally an update I was looking for. You can do all kinds of model comparisons. Definitely worth checking out Here's the tweet they posted today...
  3. It has been going back and forth with snow and then sleet. Now heavy snow. Total snow here, about half an inch. Temperature 26. The size of these flakes now are huge. Just indicative of that warm layer aloft. Let's see if it can snow for a bit and pile up out there.
  4. Have a combination of snow and sleet. Snow total less than 1 inch. Side streets snow covered. Temperature 25.9.
  5. Its amazing how many folks I know that love to play golf. As long as its above 40, they'll play, but that wind is another story. This time of year, when you get to April or when it hits 70, it can still be chilly out there. Its that wind is what can really make it miserable..
  6. Oh man Tony, that is funny. One of these times we need to set up a zoom session, but wait, that might be confusing on like where to unmute or mute folks button.
  7. Euro keeps some light snow going till 7pm Friday.. I'll attach snowfall map for reference..
  8. Figure to check in. 26.5 here. Interesting my sidewalk near my front door isn't icy, but other areas is a sheet of ice. Other areas you can literally slip on. But just a nasty and raw night. Good night to light up the fireplace and kick back and just veg out..
  9. Thats what I called that winter, the mini ice age. Man, it was brutally cold. I remember the daytime for one of the days was near zero. Heck we had rolling blackouts. Think the grid could not handle the demand that time. I think it was the first big ice storm where the warm front never moved north of Philly and oh did we get icing. At night, it looked like Baghdad where one transformer went after another. By morning, had no power, but it was snowing lightly. House got really cold. But that one was the nasty with ice storms and brutally cold temps..
  10. Finally looking over the model data. Man, there are quite a few chances for wintry weather, which gets started tomorrow night and off and on through next week. Definitely an active pattern. Another product I like to look at is the NBM one, which combines model guidance. A bit similar to ensembles. Its nice that you can average up some model runs versus looking at the op one. Been using F5wx.com site. Its actually pretty good site and they do have the UKMET model.
  11. Now this looks interesting in the long range. Looks like it will bust west a bit, but still significant storm is possible. The upper air hints at it cutting west, so we'll see how this changes in the coming days..
  12. Very good points. The key will be that high, so that could suppress things. Definitely will be a key part to his event.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me if it shifts back to the north as we get closer to this event.
  14. Looking over the Euro. Be nice if we can get that ridge back in the west. Sure would help...But we'll see how things evolves as the models can be volatile...
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