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  1. Deer love to munch on arborvitae trees as much as we like to eat pizza. It is one of their absolute favorite plants to eat–and in winter, it's one of the few things left [im
  2. Thanks very much for all of this. It is very helpful. I've bookmarked it to check throughout the year.
  3. Last fall I did a heavy reseeding of my lawn and it looked awesome. We had about perfect weather for germination and the seed took very well. I'm hoping to keep the progress growing this sping and would like some help. So as we're a month or so away from lawn growing / mowing season, can someone give me some recommendations on how I know if I need something, what the optimal application timing is, if they can be mixed or what order to approach and what best products for applications of 1. Pre-emergent (as I understand it, this keeps any weed seeds from germinating) 2. Lime /
  4. So one benefit of working from home is I get to spend a lot more time staring out my home office window at my backyard. Over the last week I've had these raptors visiting. In order a Red Shoulder Hawk, an adult Coopers Hawk trying to flush a little bird out of the sea oats, a Screech Owl, a Red Tail Hawk, and a juvie Coopers Hawk enjoying a breakfast of Starling. All of these pics were taken w my camera phone, some through the ocular of my bins.
  5. It has been decided for me that I am done snow blowing for today. I knocked out a bunch of driveways, parked it to shovel off my deck and when I came back she was bedded down under the hemlock tree right next to the driveway.
  6. I'm not an official or trained measurer here in Lionville, but we have conservatively crossed the 4" mark and its still dumping snow. The 4" was measured at noon and included any compaction since the beginning of the storm.
  7. Still snowing nicely in Lionville. The snowmen have survived since the first storm. Roads are covered. A Coopers Hawk stopped by the deck, checking out my bird feeder for breakfast opportunities. Probably about 2".
  8. Just switched to primarily sleet here. Pic od the size for reference.
  9. Seems to have remained all snow here outside lionville. I'm just below 600ft elev. Conservatively estimate 7". The propane fireplace table was bare yesterday.
  10. I'm with you. Smokin bones in the garage 😀
  11. Totally unscientific, but it looks like we got more snow today than we did with last week storm here. Probably the sleet last week just compacted everything. Still snowing moderately in Lionville
  12. Definitely over performed in Lionville. Check the upper left corner of the pic for our fox running through the back yard. What an absolutely picturesque storm. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. 20210207_092730.mp4
  13. Currently snowing nicely in Lionville area. I could only imagine our totals if we didn't get sleeved to death yesterday. Sometime Sunday night my next door neighbor had their first baby. That should be quite the labor story.
  14. In Lionville area, the flakes/grains started falling at 11:30am. It's a really pretty light snow fall now, with the deck and driveway whitening up. Looking forward to whatever we get. I got the 38" snow thrower strapped to the front of my John Deere. It's my chance to be the neighborhood super hero
  15. Here in Lionville, I measured 3 places this morning and got 8.5, 9 and 9. That includes the sleet and whatever compaction occurred overnight. Great storm, funny how you forget what snow is like after so long without any. Best part was I got to use ole' betsy on all my neighbors driveways.
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