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  1. The election night sunset was spectacular. It was beautiful all over the sky, whether you were looking to the East, to the West.... wherever.
  2. This year is an irruptive year for Northern Finches. We are seeing a huge push of a few species of birds that would normally be wintering in the boreal forrest of Canada, primarily Purple Finches, Pine Siskins and Evening Grosbeaks. The Evening Grosbeaks are very rare for PA, love backyard feeders and are very cool to see. I've had them at my feeders twice so far since late October. They look a little like big overly decorated gold finches. Hopefully others will get to see them too.
  3. It's wild to see them fly over. Its a perfectly straight line of ~60 star like objects zipping across the sky. We've seen them a couple of times. Worth getting up in the middle of the night and watching next time their orbit brings them overhead. One thing I forgot to mention on the cams, is you can remotely rotate, pan and zoom them and use them for 2 way communication (they have a microphone and speaker)
  4. I was going to recommend the same thing ( a cell to wifi router, although you'll need to be careful of the data charges for streaming video from security cams). For security cams, I have 4 foscam units that are wireless connected to my wifi router and then are accesible remotely from an app or browser window via port forwarding. If you go the route of cellular router, be sure you can port forward and make internal items available externally. They do work well and are cheap. Here's a couple of screen grabs of dark room (IR) visibility, and external visibility. if you want more detail
  5. looks great. I had really similar luck and am also very happy with the base I'll have to work with in the spring. I have a lot of clover and some invasives to get rid of, but at least now if I kill that off I'll have some grass left behind and not just a barren weed free pile of dirt. Sunday I put down a few last handfuls of seed in the areas that didn't take as well with overseeding. I hope we have decent warmth next week so that new seed can germinate too. I'm looking forward to how it returns in the spring.
  6. Thanks. A couple days after I posted that, it started to rain. Now everything is coming up and looks pretty decent. I'll probably run the mower over it late this week to get the leaves off of it. It definitely looks better than it did a month ago.
  7. I know it is juvenile, but I picked up one of these to kill them in my backyard: https://www.bugasalt.com/pages/shop-collections#threezero My son and I have so much fun hunting them now.
  8. Last week I aerated and reseeded my entire lawn. It took 7 bags of seed to cover the entire property (it wasn't cheap). Since then not a drop of rain with little to none forecasted in the next 10 days (unless I am missing something). I've been watering with a sprinkler, but I'm getting worried that if we don't get rain soon nothing will root in this year and it will be a waste. How many more days of grass growing / germination do we think we will have this year?
  9. That is great. Penn State is doing a research project on what is eating lantern flies. You (or the original poster) might want to share it with them. FYI, info here: ere is how you can participate in a Lanternfly Citizen Science Project. "My name is Anne and I am a graduate student at Penn State studying predation of spotted lanternfly by birds. If you spot a bird feeding on a spotted lanternfly, I would appreciate it if you could post what you saw on this Facebook page. Please include the common name of the bird if possible, the date and location of the observation, and any be
  10. The white things are parasitic wasp eggs. They'll turn it into a zombie hornworm. He's in for a rough September.
  11. There were a couple of posts on this in another thread last week. It is a yellow and black garden spider. A female, the males are much smaller. Harmless. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argiope_aurantia
  12. Yep, the male is the little one on the left. the big one is the female. They're scary looking but harmless. Pretty cool. With any luck, they'll take out a few lantern flies.
  13. Believe it or not, those were shot with a canon g7x mk2 placed on the roof of my car w/o a tripod. I haven't used my Nikon DSLR and collection of lenses in a couple of years since I got the little guy. It has a really nicer sensor, a good range of manual controls and it's size means it is usually with me when I want to play with non phone photography. Thursday night, the air was crystal clear up here. I tried shooting some pics last night with my "good" slr body and 300mm lens but the comet was much less bright and I didn't get any worthwhile pics.
  14. If you guys get a chance to find some dark skies and look to the northwest (especially with some binoculars). Comet neowise is putting on quite the show. The last pic is the milky way w Jupiter really bright just at the tree line. These were all 15 to 30 sec shutter times about an hour after sunset.
  15. I just drove through KoP / Upper Merion to pick up my son and that area got HAMMERED. 23 and Henderson both closed with multiple trees down. Trees on houses, cars demolished. It was one of the worst storm damage areas I've seen in some time.
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