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  1. how much do you have in total so far?
  2. All snow and coming down really good in Phoenixville. Probably lost 4" of snow to sleet this morning. Painful
  3. Phoenixville, PA, this morning. a beautiful morning
  4. GFS snow maps not picking up the warmer midlevels that are causing sleet/ZR has to be juicing those numbers. This is danger zone warm even for us in Valley Forge. Also, let this be my announcement as a return to the board. Haven't been in the Philly area (school in Syracuse and a London semester) for a winter storm in three years but this one is a fun one.
  5. Anyone in Collegeville/Phoenixville area have a measurement? I'm in Syracuse... bummed to miss out on this one. Friday I was home in Philly when Cuse got 17" Now I'm at Syracuse and Philly is getting pummeled. Can't win.
  6. You guys should know this storm is going to do very well because I'm out of the country on vacation. Nice to have the Euro giving Charlie Brown a real chance to kick the football
  7. First flurries of the season today in Syracuse. Some of my friends from CA experiencing snow for the first time. Pretty cool.
  8. Actually had a great round (for me at least, bogey golf). TC isn't a difficult course though
  9. Playing at Turtle Creek this afternoon and using the eclipse as my excuse for when I play poorly
  10. I'm off to Syracuse in a couple weeks for school, so I'll miss tracking most of the storms with you guys this winter. You guys have taught me a lot about winter weather, and for that I thank all of you guys. Even though I'll be in the snow capital of the US, I'll try my best to send some of it down your way. Best of luck with every Miller B, -NAO forecasted 10 days out, and SSW
  11. Still in first place in this pool. Also, in my friend's pool of 80 people I am the ONLY person to take Gonzaga so I like where I sit now. Just need Zaga to take it home
  12. If results hold I'm 15/16 on day 1, stupid Bucknell.
  13. It certainly took longer than usual. My road has not been touched yet by plows which is unusual
  14. Snowblower survived the driveway clearing. About 7" of snow/sleet here
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