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  1. Yeah, if we miss the late week rains from the coastals and the ridge builds, look out! Viva La Torch.
  2. 10 days 90+ August 2020 at PHL, 4 occurring after the 15th 8 days 90+ August 2019 at PHL, 5 occurring after the 15th 10 days 90+ August 2018 at PHL, 5 occurring after the 15th All of August is open season for heat.
  3. Dumping rain in Gilbertsville. Occasional thunder.
  4. Perfect. My parents are visiting for the since time since COVID outbreak. Worked out perfectly. 75, sun and a breeze.
  5. Nice.....but.......... Cannot buy a dry, sunny weekend around here. Today will turn out sunny (clouds rolling through now) IMBY but tomorrow looking cruddy. Oh well, atleast it's not 97/74 with a Heat Index of 110
  6. Drive by that spot routinely. Can’t imagine what that looked/sounded like in person. I’ve seen the footage on YouTube after it devastated that housing development.
  7. Wonder where that ranks for the county and state.
  8. 95% (just my opinion, not factual) of the public is clueless/careless when it comes to weather threats. Even my wife yesterday had no clue AND I TALK TO HER CONSTANTLY ABOUT WEATHER!!! 😆
  9. Atleast not on the coastal plain. It seems it’s only a matter of time before a deluge balances things out.
  10. I was out in western Virginia and western Maryland last week and it's BONE DRY out there. Shocked me really. Places under 2" for the month while the coastal plain gets pummeled all of July.
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