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  1. Luckily, no rust on the blades I just checked. Still mowing every 3-4 days. Guess it will slow down....eventually. I don't mind mowing unless it's like today.
  2. Post them here! Bulk of the rain Thursday into Thursday night. Maybe some flakes on the back end from Mitch-land to the Poconos Friday morning.
  3. Noticed some yellowing too. I think the grass has had it between the heavy frost here (around 30) last week and then basically no sun since. Overall still looks very good, but the signs are there that it's almost OVAH!
  4. Saw you mowing this evening. Grass ain’t going to be happy. I snuck a mow in too.
  5. 44 and rain. Did we skip ahead to January!?!?
  6. Limited sun last week and this weekend and next week not looking so good. Guess we have to wait on the end of the week storm to clean out the atmosphere.
  7. Check out the jelly fish looking clouds in the distance this evening here.
  8. Mild, with lots of potential dreary/damp days (see this week). I guess that beats wasted below normal temperatures in early November. Save the cold for December please.
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