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  1. Read this thread as: SNOW GOES ON SALE TOMORROW. If so, I'll take a February 2010 repeat? How much will it cost me?
  2. Yeah, I've gotten that "salute" a few times walking around this area in my NY gear.
  3. That's cool. Is it measuring in inches or millimeters?
  4. As a fan of a rival team, not sure if I am happy or mad about this move.
  5. In relation to staying in this general area, yeah north is better for snow. With that said, if I could choose where I could live right now it would be far away from snow threats.
  6. Oh boy! Nice mix of fans in here.
  7. True, not as cold as my prior location though. And Iā€™d rather have your elevation and few extra inches of seasonal snow.
  8. What sucks is that snow would be the perfect distraction right now. COVID, political turmoil, inability to travel/vacation "normally". Would it have been too much to ask for a 100" winter? I'm glad NHL is starting back up this week. Hopefuly COVID issues don't wreck the season. I need a distraction if it isn't going to be snow.
  9. It's crazy I'm so "checked out" of winter weather right now. That little surprise snow the other weekend was nice but ever since my pre-Christmas trip to snowy upstate NY and then the massive rains 12/24 and 12/31, it just killed my winter buzz. I'm always hopeful late January into February since CLIMO is on our side. Obvisously, that didn't work last year but there is always a chance we catch some breaks eventually.
  10. Sad when falling into the teens in January (19.4) feels like a major accomplishment.
  11. Zero snow and especially snowpack is sad sight in January. You're right, a waste.
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