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  1. After waiting a couple of weeks for some of the damage to be cleared away, I went out to look over the tornado path in Gloucester county. The video is a brief look at several locations, and I will list the road and community names on here when they appear. The first noticeable damage was to tree limbs SE of Harrisonville in South Harrison Township on Lincoln Mill Road. This was not in the video as it wasn't much to view. (0:00 to 0:32) Tree damage along Commissioners Road leading into the Cedar Grove section of South Harrison Township. This was a few miles NE of the start point, and c
  2. Some numbers for this event in the severe weather department. There were 7 tornadoes in the Mount Holly CWA. Just about every year prior, this would be a very high number, but with 8 on 8/4/20 and 10 on 7/29/21, it only reaches the third biggest outbreak during the past 13 months. The systems of Isaias and Ida produced 15 tornadoes between the two of them. The EF-3 in New Jersey was the first since 10/18/90 in Belle Mead, Somerset county that destroyed a few homes and injured 8 people. In just these 3 outbreaks of 25 tornadoes, there were 6 EF-2 and 2 EF-3 tornadoes. There were 16 tornad
  3. Unfortunately, the Fort Washington EF-2 is now a deadly tornado as a female was killed when a sizeable tree destroyed the top floor of the house she was in. Radar imagery suggests this was at 5:40 PM. Not sure I would have been upstairs at the time of such a storm, even if I wasn't taking it too seriously. The Mount Holly CWA does not have many fatalites at all from tornadoes during the modern era. Damaging winds tend to have a higher count in the convection category. Anyway, the tornado first touched down in Whitemarsh, then moved into Fort Washington, despite the survey not mentioning W
  4. The EF-3 Gloucester county tornado was said to have tracked 12.6 miles, with a maximum width of 400 yards (identical width to the Washington Crossing tornado of 7/29). The mesocyclone was enormous, which is why it appeared even larger. Interestingly, it began right at the Salem border and lifted just before the Camden border. In Gloucester county, Swedesboro itself has a history with a strong tornado, as an F2 hit on August 25, 1941 and became one of the only fatal tornadoes in NJ history. It seemed to have multi-vortex features, with severe damage to some structures and minimal to others
  5. Maybe something trying near Vineland, and into Buena. TPHL 8:24 PM:
  6. JFK radar showing a couple of areas, including near Princeton around 7:35 PM.
  7. Still concerned about this storm, now over Clayton, Glassboro. TPHL 7:08 PM:
  8. Over Burlington, moving toward Florence and Levittown. TPHL 7:01 PM:
  9. Something trying to get moving near Olivet and Elmer. TPHL 6:57 PM:
  10. Some areas to keep an eye on for spin-ups or potential longer-lived tornadoes. TPHL 6:50 PM:
  11. Life-Threatening tornado just passed Wenonah and Mantua, now in Deptford moving toward Bellmawr and Mount Ephraim. TPHL 6:31 PM:
  12. Likely Debris, in east Mullica Hill, moving toward Barnsboro, Sewell, Washington and Deptford. KDIX 6:21 PM:
  13. Just east of Woodstown, moving toward small Harrisonville...maybe Mullica Hill also. KDIX 6:10 PM:
  14. Interesting near Alloway now. KDIX 5:54 PM:
  15. Warrington and Chalfont next. Need to take action with this one. TPHL 5:46 PM:
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