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  1. Pouring snow here in Kennett Square. I don't really have a good spot to measure here but would estimate that we are approaching 3" Sleet never made its way in. Gonna be an interesting ride home. My son measure 3.3" at home.
  2. Getting a light mix of sleet and snow now. Had some freezing rain overnight that put a glaze on everything. Temp 27F
  3. Sounds about right. Started here just past 4:30am and had 2.5" before 5:30 and 5" by 6:15.
  4. Added a half inch of sleet, so 8.5 total. Very light stuff falling now. Great morning under that band that set up around 4:30am! One more class and it's off to do the real work....clearing the cars and driveway.😎
  5. Really heavy sleet has now mixed in with some giant flakes. Probably 60-40 sleet
  6. Mostly sleet now with lighter precip. Just measured 7.75" Looking to my SW on radar and cc and we might just change back to all snow. We'll see.🤞
  7. Approaching 5.5” Gonna gear up and go for a walk before the sleet and work.
  8. Unfortunately, in many districts like mine (Kennett), Covid has ruined the "snow day." Teach and learn from home now.
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