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  1. West Caln tonight. Dominant rainbow showed the start of a double refraction
  2. Happy for Charlie but stinks all the way around for the rest of us
  3. The Generac 6500 does what we need to charge the fridge and the venison chest freezer, phones etc. The rest is left to resourceful country living
  4. Do you estimate any statistical inaccuracy due to station location change during those time periods? If I recall correctly you reported from Thorndale for a time. Knowing first hand working in Thorndale for 19 years and living in West Caln for 16, the weather is vastly different in a microclimate sense.
  5. Been doing this for 30 years, this was the first time I put us in the basement.
  6. Just hit 4” in West Caln. No power for the 10th time this year alone
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