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  1. It was blissful. Barbq and campfire tonight. Love that little nip in the air.
  2. I didnt realize we were talking 60s for the high. We take. If the Euro pans out next weekend, hold me.
  3. Euro flipped overnight to a gorgeous cool Canadian shot next weekend and pushed all its chips in at 12z. The other models have trended towards EC troughing but more of a glancing blow to help fall foliage erupt in far NNE. This low dewpoint seeking weenie is hoping the Euro holds its ground, this would be stunning fall weather:
  4. 2020 ftw: If it did drop below 30F in Denver Wednesday morning, it would be the earliest 20s ever recorded, and only four days after our latest 100F ever.
  5. Fun course, what did you think?
  6. that line to your west is starting to perk up a bit
  7. this storm still looks to be going strong, nasty right turner
  8. Love it! Snow starts over the Rockies, then the Northern Plains, MidWest, New England, then finally us (in March)
  9. Past 10 days no one knows jack squat. Despite that, this is the best thread since snow in May in the Poconos! Bring on the cold!
  10. What's a guy gotta do to see 50's in August? Was so common, now if it happens it's newsworthy. Cannot wait for a Canadian cool, dry blast, any hint of cooler air. From jcweather.com
  11. 1.12" with an efficient rain producer in about 30 minutes
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