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  1. Something weird may happen later next week...case in point:
  2. East based -NAO gaining traction as Tony said to start April across all ensemble guidance. Gefs here as an example. Could cutoff a low and keep a NW flow in place for a bit. And maybe give Heisi a parting 3' snowpocalypse 🤣
  3. Quite the soaker, I was not expecting this, maybe I simply was not paying attention. 1.05"
  4. Massachusetts mainly, but weather looks too cold for my wife to not want to smother me in my sleep so possibly the Apps down towards NC
  5. Taking the fam on our first RV trip to New England tues-sun next week. Hoping for some crisp Canadian air. I'll pass on snow.
  6. Yeah I'm surprised it's lasted this long. Gets AM sun but shade for peak heating. We'll see how it fares next 3 days. I might shovel a weenie pile in the middle
  7. Good, just in time to replenish this nearly 40-day snow pack. R.I.P.
  8. typical Lucy to DCA and bullseye for Tombo's golf course. Lock it down Heisi
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