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  1. Might be our second jackpot storm this winter, the models sure seem to be putting the qpf around central jersey.
  2. If it could kill of some stink bugs and lanternfly Im all for a few pipe bursts
  3. Pouring rain here, washing away the snow. At this point I don't want any more precip! lol
  4. Hovering around 32f here. Went outside and knocked the heavy snow off trees/shrubs, hearing lots of creaking out there now.
  5. Pure sleet now in Jackson, pinging against my windows pretty loud.
  6. Changed over to icey precip about 20 minutes ago here. Got our fun in at least, niece is delighted, her first real snowfall (3 yrs old). We had close to 5 3/4" before it began compacting from IP.
  7. Holy moley! What a drive home, An Hour and 40 minutes to go 23 miles from Hamilton to Jackson NJ. Measured about 5.2" here so far, still mostly snow. Sorry for the ghetto measurement, but I didn't look for the yard stick thinking we were getting just rain!
  8. Dusting in jackson nj , hopefully this isn't the only white we get
  9. .34 inches of rain in mere minutes if my gauge is to be trusted
  10. Tom said it on Twitter but you can see the breeze flaring it up
  11. Pretty neat watching the sea breeze overrun us on radar.
  12. .11 from that storm that just blew through Central jersey. Lots of lightning with that one!
  13. I also had .96 total for the storm here. It knocked a lot of the flowers off the early flowering shrubs.
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