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  1. Yeah, they're good and if you understand them in different situations, they can help you out tremendously. Yesterday was a little tougher because it came down to a couple hour differences. Contrary to that point, many of the hires models are GFS based. Have to keep that in mind when you think a model is an outlier. RAP, HRRR, GFS, NAM etc.... Basically it was one idea for this morning. Haha
  2. The worst NAM Cobb guidance was the 00z run last night for Philly at 1.4". Before that, it was consistently below 1". I think the hires stuff was waffling on if the 7-9 AM period would flip or not, occasionally ripping snow an hour or two. I don't think any of the models had the warmth resolved high enough yesterday evening.
  3. The CMC products consistently showed 0.5" or less of snow. The hires had a few hits here and there of several inches, but came below 1" by yesterday afternoon. The ECMWF had a similar pattern to that. UKMET had over 1" with standard 10:1, but it's hard to say if the model thought that was all accumulating. Lol at the GFS.
  4. If you would like to play, either respond to the tweet or send me a PM. Good luck!
  5. Just as long as we don't unnecessarily remove a GA ob in quality control that was incorrectly deemed erroneous because of the upper level wind, we'll be good.
  6. Here are the winners of over/under and second tweet for all the close entries (within 1"). Forecasts were excellent! https://twitter.com/antmasiello/status/1479853632615063555?t=p2cenvagY5wjLfuNPUgLag&s=19
  7. Thanks, Tony. My wife and daughter took the over at 2.9" and are having a laugh about it this morning. lol
  8. If you want to play, feel free to respond to tweet or to me by PM. Good luck!
  9. Yup. Locally in Philadelphia, it's starting to come to its senses with reduced QPF this run as well.
  10. Here is the revised chart. Sorry about the revision. https://twitter.com/antmasiello/status/1478394891264827400?t=na6RkJJQH1XN3-2yAwESiQ&s=19
  11. Yeah I saw that. I will have to update the chart at some point today. No snow was added after 1PM, so was the first report just incorrect?
  12. Getting legit in PHL KPHL 031517Z 05011KT 3/4SM R09R/4000VP6000FT -SN BKN014 OVC022 00/M04 A3014 RMK AO2 P0001 T00001044
  13. You know, a minute after I posted this, the snow started to fall. lol
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