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  1. And by the way, if this verified, it would mark Raleigh's all-time record single day snowfall. By nearly DOUBLE. The current record was sent 1/25/2000 at 17.9". It would also mark the third time in recorded history that Raleigh recorded more than a foot of snow in one day.
  2. Exactly. Plus, and I’ve said this for what seems to be eons here and on prior boards. We’re looking at the weeklies or the “long range” and saying “cold and dry” when the same models can’t seem to resolve the pattern enough to make a forecast 3-5 days out with acceptable accuracy.
  3. While the GFS completely loses any event next week. In six hours.
  4. and it moves due north from there. Warm sector and flooding rains. Congrats Ottawa. Kidding. (ducks)
  5. NIIIIIAAAAAGGGRRRRAAAA FALLS! Slowly I turned...Step...by....step....Inch...by....inch. Link for the savage uninitiated.
  6. DT used to say that if you don’t go neutral to negative before you cross the Mississippi River, you’ve got a chance.
  7. Way to steal the thunder! I was just going to post that Mt. Holly hoisted the WSW for NJ (except Cape May County)
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