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  1. I think the only other November Cat5 was the 1932 Cuba hurricane (estimated minimum pressure < 915 mb, winds 175mph. That storm peaked on November 6th, so yeah, this would be the latest Cat5 ever in the Atlantic basin.
  2. It's crazy. Almost like we have to move the benchmark of what "rapid intensification" actually is because these storms doing this insane level of RI are becoming almost common. It's like those few winters when every needle was threaded and every storm led to significant snow. Every little spin in the Caribbean seems to have the potential to go boom and yield a major hurricane.
  3. Not to be the one to rain on the parade, but to paraphrase the great Winston Wolf to keep it safe for the kiddies, "Let's not start kissing each other's asses just yet." Everything said above is true. However, the testing to date has been limited to measurable immune response for 60 days from initial vaccination. That's it. The Pfizer vaccine candidate is a two-injection sequence to be given on day 1 and 21. They haven't been able to determine long-term efficacy at all, and this trial (I have to say this because it's not obvious, even though I'm sure it is) involves injecting healthy
  4. 1.25" today. A miserable day. 51/50 and damp. Bleccch--and it washed out soccer for tomorrow already.
  5. 7.89" so far this month with more on the way to potentially ruin our soccer tournament this weekend (thanks, Laura). Best thing about August is that it was finally a break from the savage heat we had through July. 9 of 27 days (including today) so far had 90+F highs compared with the blast furnace that was July.
  6. Up to 24 90+ degree days in July thanks to today's 96.4F in the yard. That makes 13 out of 14 days with highs > 90F. Last dewpoint less than 60F? Shortly after midnight on 6/25. Yuk.
  7. 93.6F high so far today. Add another 90+ to the ledger. Amazing that a dewpoint of 66F feels relatively comfortable now.
  8. 84/69 right now in Gloucester County NJ. Well on our way to our *23rd* 90+ degree day this month. Random storms and Fay also dumped 5.81" of rain to date on us so hot soup is definitely the meal of the day. That's after 7 90+ days in June so our season total heading into today is 29. Overall, 24 of the last 31 days have featured high temperatures greater than 90F.
  9. Topped out at 87.7F thanks to a lovely downpour. Still feels gross. DP 72.
  10. IMBY, If we get to 90F today, it will be our 7th day in a row and 19th out of 24 July days. 85.9F and counting now with muggy sunshine so I’m thinking it’s a decent bet.
  11. A lot of the issue with these facilities IS staffing. They just don’t have the staff to take (proper) care of these complex, sick patients. I was fine holding them, didn’t get any feedback from administration (other than the normal “why is this patient here with a 36 day LOS” crap) because they understood the issue. I’m just struggling to find out where the whole “Murphy ordered this” came from or started from because if he did, there was an awful lot of government defiance going on. Typically LTACs, rehabs, and skilled nursing facilities have their own rules on who and what conditions
  12. I've had 17 days of > 90F highs this month, the exceptions being 7/1 (88.5), 7/10 (75.5, thanks Fay), 7/13 (89.5), 7/15 (87.8), and 7/16 (84.1). Every other day has been > 90F, with a max of 100.3F yesterday. Average high temperature this month: 92.3F, overall mean temperature this month: 79.4F. Yikes, also 5.2" of rain but 4.22" came in one day 7/10.
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