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  1. Long term is where the efficacy data is severely lacking. Answer right now is that no one knows. They're working thus far. Ask me again in 6 months and I'll be glad to share my local data and experiences, but I just don't know a valid answer to that question.
  2. That's SO frustrating. Seems like we've stopped the innovation on testing at this point.
  3. Good on him. That probably will add to any credibility they have at this point. I'm getting the booster shot because I'm immunocompromised at baseline, and because to me, whatever the vaccine does to me is better than whatever COVID will do to me. YMMV.
  4. I'm not sure that what I've seen bears this out. I can tell you that we have seen repeat ICU-level infections where patients didn't survive. I'm also seeing that those patients we're seeing now are younger and sicker. We're back over 50 patients in-house again, with 10 in the ICU, and statistically, 5 of them won't be going home.
  5. There is a LOT of truth in a lot of this. The "bad day" seems to be less about the technology of the vaccine and more about the massive immune response that either the virus or the vaccine generates. Definitely something to watch. Agree 100% on the anti-TNF drugs, not to mention all of the other treatments that we're slinging up against the wall in an effort to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to stop this virus from killing people. That is my biggest fear. These are not benign drugs. The issue I have with the vaccine-hesitant is that people "don't trust the vaccine," but when these
  6. The problem (at least the COVID-related problem) isn't the undocumented people streaming into the country, though it doesn't help things. The problem is OUR OWN PEOPLE refusing to follow and trust science. I could tell so many stories--I've been told to go f*** myself by more patients in the last six months than in my entire career. A patient who just had an ischemic stroke at 52 years old--told him back in Spring that I would recommend him get the vaccine considering his stroke history. He told me to go f*** myself and left AMA--against medical advice. Another patient came in, 50 yea
  7. As a healthcare provider, the mixed or no messaging from CDC and FDA is very frustrating. To try to answer or provide insight on some of your questions: No guidance on booster shots (but any pharmacy will give you one if you ask). I'm asplenic, I'll be getting my booster next week. Between the vaccine and masking 12+ hours a day and when I'm in public places, I haven't gotten even a cold in almost two years. Whatever I'm doing is working. Vaccinated are exempt from workplace testing because vaccinated people are at exponentially lower risk for contracting the virus than those who
  8. To reiterate this point-- Since we've had vaccines out there in the public domain (think March-ish) and people have been "fully vaccinated" we've had 558 total ICU patients on ventilators, 245 of which were ICU COVID patients on ventilators. Exactly *2* were fully vaccinated, and both patients were on immunosuppressants, which would render the vaccinations less effective than expected. They both died. 245 COVID patients requiring ventilators: 2 (0.82%) received both doses of Pfizer or Moderna and were 3 weeks out (considered fully vaccinated) 8 (3.3%) received
  9. 94/76 here now. SNAFU for July. Watching and waiting.
  10. 93/72 currently at home. Since 7/5: 89.5/93.7/95.7/90.3/89.5/87.5/90.4/94.9/89.6/92.7/92.7/93.2 (so far today), so 11 rounded 90's in 12 days, with the other day 87.5. Yikes.
  11. For me, the last six days--92.7/89.6/94.9/90.4/87.5/89.5 Total 90 degree days (90.0, NOT 89.5): May: 3 June: 11 July: 6 Max temp: 97.6F 6/30/21
  12. I actually use a satellite dish mount attached to a fence. It doesn't qualify as "official," but I'm also a trained spotter so I use data from my station in my reports to NWS (no wind since my height is only about 11-12' and I'm not unobstructed), but temp, rainfall, barometric pressure are all good. Ideally you'd be on a roof with no obstructions around. That's not always practical, so do your best and enjoy the hobby!
  13. Not Tombo, but that's the station I use. It's been in service for 6+ years I believe, still going strong! Recommend for sure. Davis is the gold standard in hobbyist stations, and the Vantage Vue won't break the bank.
  14. Currently at my house: 89.3F/79.1F Heat Index 105F. My daughter has a summer league soccer game at 5. Not really sure it's worth it.
  15. Dodged all the bullets yesterday. I know the PWS dewpoints are elevated but at one point yesterday I was at 94.9/78.3--barf. 0.33" of rain after about 7pm.
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