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  1. Third dose? Don't be surprised if we're talking at least ANNUALLY, like the flu shots. The J&J news drove vaccine demand through the floor. Most county sites (Gloucester especially) are allowing walk-ins, while Camden County is actually CLOSING their site at times due to diminished demand.
  2. Yes sir. We started surging about 2-2.5 weeks ago. Hoping it’s short lived but we have 65 inpatients as of today. Problem is that enough of them to fill one of my ICUs with COVID patients, most of whom are on ventilators, many of whom will likely not survive. Our general thought is to consider tracheostomy after about 7 days (family dependent), but we have patients trach’ed and PEG (semi-permanent feeding tube)‘ed for months on ventilators. We’ve had patients that we’ve stepped down (stable on vent but can’t get off) but have been with us for MONTHS—and that doesn’t include pa
  3. Unscientific yet scientific discussion here--I'm functionally asplenic, which means my spleen doesn't work as intended. This was my long lasting gift for beating Hodgkins' Lymphoma in my 20s. This results in my immune system not being quite as robust as everyone else's--not an ideal condition for an ICU practitioner. As a result of my functional asplenia, I tend to get "sick" 2-3 times per year. Head cold, URI, the norm--an acute viral illness. I'm like clockwork, 2-3 times per year every year. My point is that I haven't had an acute viral illness since February 2020 (prior to COVID)
  4. Haven't posted in this thread in a while--congrats to everyone getting their vaccines. Received my first shot 12/24/20 (little injection site soreness, that's it), and my second 1/22/21 (felt fluish the night of, slept it off and felt fine in morning). A disturbing thing that we have seen is three patients in the ICU in the last few weeks contracted COVID post-full vaccination with Moderna or Pfizer. Two passed. One was on immunosuppressant therapy, which likely significantly limited the effectiveness of the vaccine, but notable regardless. We are well into another surge here. My ICU
  5. 1.03" storm total--0.98" Thursday with 0.05" today. Not feeling good about soccer fields tomorrow but the sunshine and windy conditions may help us pull this off.
  6. Was on the soccer field when it came through Gloucester County--about a 4-5 minute burst of sleet/graupel/little bricks. Actually HURT hitting exposed skin.
  7. I think this was the first time I was paged here lol. You are exactly right Tony. Very overblown. As overblown as NAM snowfall maps. As long as everyone stays with masking and social distancing, we should be able to weather any variant that rolls around. Take for example influenza this year. Our cases of influenza are as low as they've ever been in my years of practice. Why? Because people are worried about COVID and are doing those things that the CDC recommended all along--frequent handwashing, etc. The masks and social distancing are helping with the flu the same way they help
  8. Snow mixing back in at home in Wenonah. Still rain at the hospital 6 miles away.
  9. and we're sleet. Still snow at home in Wenonah. Figure they may have another 15-20 minutes before the pinging starts. Hell, it might even be just rain. Surface at 33.5/30.
  10. At the hospital in Washington Township, GlouCo NJ we still have snow, but the sleet line on CC is knocking on my door. Appears to be ENE/WSW oriented now: Bear, DE--Pennsville, NJ--Pitman, NJ--Berlin, NJ--Tabernacle, NJ--Bayville, NJ. I should be mixing and changing over within minutes.
  11. I learned by reading forums and asking questions. From WrightWeather to EasternUSWX to AmericanWX to here, I've had the fortune of interacting with professionals and amateurs alike who are not only remarkably knowledgeable, but they also genuinely like to teach others what they know, and in a way that is either as simplified or as complex as you want it. I started off reading text model MOS. I won't mention specific names because I'll skip someone who doesn't deserve to be skipped but the group here is fantastic. Even the amateur hobbyists here know their stuff, and most of that is tha
  12. Is it just me or has our modeling just gotten substantially WORSE over the years? All the "updates" to the GFS/WRF, the NAM/ETA, and now even the former undisputed king the EURO, and IMHO we aren't any better than we were 20+ years ago. I started watching weather as a wee lad, and when I went to college and discovered the internet and realized that I could see MOS output of all these models (among other things of other models...) I thought I had the keys to the city. And we've always had busts. Literally always. I'm just not sure I've seen a time where so many models have been so wron
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