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  1. Nothing amazing or rare, but I had my first Bohemian Pilsner by von Trapp in likely well over a year yesterday. Good grass cutting beer since it isn't too heavy.
  2. Best thunderstorm of the year for me as I happened to be in Plymouth Meeting. Definitely 60 mph winds or greater, so those damage reports were definitely legit
  3. Most boring Severe Thunderstorm Watch ever?
  4. I don’t expect much today, but I think yesterday’s main threat was also supposed to be north, so maybe we’ll get a cell or two in SE PA.
  5. Snoozer in Collegeville as the cells slipped by to the south.
  6. Heavy rain and a little lightning & thunder, but nothing severe in Plymouth Meeting.
  7. Finally sunny in Plymouth Meeting, so that should aid severe chances if it remains this way.
  8. Definitely looks like what the SPC thinks per their meso discussion.
  9. Even though it’s not forecasted to be a high end severe day, I’ll go out on a limb and predict there will be a random tornado warning today for our first one of the year. Gotta get ‘em started or we’ll never get to the 13 I predicted hahaha!
  10. Wonder if we’ll eke out a watch later today. Not really expecting it, but the current watch’s eastern edge isn’t all that far to our northwest.
  11. The trend is good - rainiest on Friday and then improving weather each day thereafter.
  12. Enhanced days sometimes overperform around here, so could be an interesting evening!
  13. Possible upgrade to slight risk for most of us with enhanced to the west?
  14. Somewhat impressive line of showers & thunderstorms in Lancaster Country right now. Will they make it to our area?
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