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  1. That was a nice storm mostly to the south of Collegeville at around 1:30 AM. What I liked most about it was that it caught me completely by surprise - guess I hadn't paid much attention to the forecast over the last day or two.
  2. Here are the beers I've enjoyed over the last few weeks: Southern Tier Pumking Warsteiner Oktoberfest Samuel Adams Octoberfest Schlafly Pumpkin Ale Conshohocken Brewing Company Nightmare on East Elm Street Pumpkin Ale
  3. Turbulent skies in Collegeville as a storm slides to the southwest
  4. What a lousy September day. I think I'd take rain and low-60s over this heat. Edit: mostly joking, but I'm eager for some cooler weather to prevail for days on end.
  5. Hurricane Nicholas now. While it may or may not meet the qualifications for rapid intensification, it's amazing how many storms are intensifying right before landfall these days.
  6. Actually, maybe never mind. Whole line looks like it's weakening all of a sudden. Guess Parsley's post about the HRRR & NAM might be right.
  7. Definitely do not go to sleep on this threat. May not have the same wow factor as the recent events, but that tornado warning for Reading came out of nowhere.
  8. Nice light show far off to the west from the storms in York County here in Collegeville. Hopefully they hold together for some house shaking rumbles later without too much rain or wind to exacerbate the Ida issues.
  9. After the last few events, a severe thunderstorm watch seems fairly pedestrian, I suppose.
  10. Not that storms consider SPC convective outlooks, but both 7/29 & Ida were enhanced risks while today is only slight. Also, Ida had 10% tornado probs and today is at 5%. Of course, 7/29 also only had 5% and that was pretty incredible.
  11. Gotta think a tornado warning is coming soon for Phoenixville Collegeville. Edit: The TVS went away almost as soon as I posted the above.
  12. Anyone been watching the WeatherNation coverage of Hurricane Ida? I'm more impressed with this network every time I watch it. Way better than The Weather Channel or AccuWeather Network in my opinion.
  13. I thought I wanted to move to near Syracuse, but lately I've been leaning more towards Stowe, VT. Cross-country skiing is my main reason, as well as a place that gives 100" plus every winter. One of these years I'll make the move!
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