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  1. No more pinging in south Perkasie
  2. we should rename the storm subtropical storm Phil, after the groundhog.
  3. Whipping Winds, Pinging Sleet about 5" in South Perkasie .Just got done Snowblowing before it turns to concrete tomorrow.
  4. Still coming down pretty good in Perkasie. I just shoveled another 2.5" since 5pm Storm Total 13.5" 6" at 1pm 5" at 5pm 2.5 at 8:30pm
  5. Coming down pretty good again. Theres at least one more inch on the board since 5pm.
  6. Yes. Ive been trout fishing many of times with a half inch of slop.
  7. Plant your peas two weeks from now. History says you should be good.
  8. For what it worth, I was born on 3/22/62. It has never snowed on on my birthday in Quakertown that I remember. 56 years of history.
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