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  1. Slopfest, big monster wet kiss snow flakes exploding with force on impact. It made for an exciting ride to work. Currently 37F
  2. Mine will probably be gone after the rain today. That's why I'm really hoping for a refill on Sunday.
  3. Might need to start going to church..
  4. Respectfully disagree in regards to my location.
  5. Sleet with a flakes has restarted after a prolonged absence.
  6. Well the breaks of sunshine appearing through the clouds make it feel warmer as I'm cleaning the slop of my truck..
  7. I'm on the Delaware river, I'll let you know...
  8. Unfortunately, I think it will be one of those radar envy days.
  9. Much finer snow currently falling in Pennsville, 1.5" and side streets are becoming snow covered. Looks like a heavier band incoming, flakes getting larger again.
  10. Nice moderate to heavy band at the moment, Heaviest of the day.
  11. What type of car/ truck will you be driving?
  12. Snowlurker, have you ever ate at Helen's sausage house in Smryna?
  13. I hope the DMB can handle all that snow weight, lol.
  14. Who wants sausage gravy and biscuits? I'm buying...
  15. Even ran into some snow shower/flurry activity in Newark, DE.
  16. I can feel it, beautiful morning. Th wind, cold air, and beautiful moon among the clouds. Going to be a good one..well off to work.
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