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  1. Ryan Maue | weather.us‏Verified account @RyanMaue FollowingFollowing @RyanMaue More We'll be watching a more southerly storm track this weekend into Monday w/potential for wintry precipitation over the Mid-Atlantic including D.C. Uncertainty too high at this point to say much more than that. ECMWF 12z (https://weathermodels.com )
  2. A friend sent me this today, thought I would share with the group: 2017 was one of the costliest Hurricane seasons with over 300 Billion in damages (and costs still growing). StormGeo has over 460 Customer testimonials from these events with stories on how we saved our clients unnecessary risk, allowed them to remain open, and helped them reopen sooner after these large scale events. The speed of business is changing, and weather is no longer something you just have to put up with. It’s time to join our list of clients, and so how you can take advantage of having an exp
  3. Yeah, I'll be holding the steering wheel with two hands crossing the DMB into NJ this afternoon..
  4. Wet and raw drive into work this morning, 38F with light rain/breezy - no trash cans or tree limbs flying by on the roads yet..
  5. I totally agree with your comment. Not sure if you are familiar with the roads in Delaware, but RT. 141 is a nightmare, potholes everywhere...
  6. These temp. swings are making it difficult to choose the proper wardrobe to wear, sweatshirt yesterday was taken off for shorts and short sleeve shirt. Now I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt at work and I'm looking for my hoodie to keep warm. Either way, I'm still looking pretty sexy.
  7. Someone who I work with stated that he turned his AC on last night. He then proceeded to tell me that his wife told him that the AC works better if you close the windows that I opened in the afternoon!
  8. I was going to mention " Aldo Nova's song - Fantasy", but then I would be showing my age...
  9. Killer bees, meteor, Minnesota actually has a chance of winning the game?
  10. This weather pattern is boring, we need to start a rumor...
  11. How quickly they forget how well you played against New Orleans last time you were in the playoffs. EAGLES!
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