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  1. I hear you, but at least the morning commute won't be a nightmare...
  2. 30/23, expecting nothing, hoping for something other than sleet then rain.
  3. Really beautiful outside, the sun is really making all the ice just glisten on the trees...then it falls and looks like broken glass
  4. I'm impressed by this last band of snow, I came home to actual snow covered ground, it's pristine white, for a change.
  5. Man, I so enjoy driving into work while a steady freezing drizzle falls from the sky...Do people slow down? NO.. Did these same people clean the snow off their cars or trucks yesterday? NO.. Excuse me for a minute, I had to dodge the sheet of ice that just flew off the car in front of me, I was watching it do pirouettes in the sky as it came toward me .. With all this excitement I guess I won't need coffee this morning...
  6. Look at the Cap hit they take - Colts acquired Carson Wentz from the Eagles in exchange for a 2021 third-round pick and conditional 2022 second-round pick. The conditional second-rounder becomes a first-round pick if Wentz plays 75 percent of the snaps or 70 percent and the team makes the playoffs. The Eagles will also take on $33.8 million in dead-money cap penalties, the largest number in league history for one player.
  7. I have to say, I've never seen a storm bounce back and forth between precip. types as often as today's..
  8. I'm going to make snow angels in the sleet wearing nothing at all....
  9. This is a total slop fest, but on a serious note, i'm watching people fall like bowling pins in the parking lot at work...walk like a penguin people..
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