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  1. I know my Tempest isn't the best in very heavy rain situations, but it recorded 1.3" of rain in 30 minutes in Pennsville, NJ.
  2. Hope all goes well. I agree with your statement. Could be a cold or allergy. Going to be a pain in the a$$ either way.
  3. And now we start talking about natural gas reserves being less and prices being higher. https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/nat-gas-prices-supply-henry-hub-winter-heating-bills
  4. I'm like the warm side of a McDonalds DLT - Look it up young ones
  5. Currently 75F - .17" this morning at home.
  6. I had the joy of driving from Pennsville, NJ to Newark DE. I encountered heavy downpours from I95 to 896 to 279. Wasn't expecting such a miserable drive to work today, thought it would only be going home. As usual, I was incorrect.
  7. Nothing but some sprinkles here..
  8. Really coming down in Newark, DE - should be a great ride home from work over to Pennsville, NJ
  9. Where did you get the beer float for the pool? That's awesome..
  10. Well, at least the pool will be getting used from this weekend until September. That's the only positive I can think of after looking at those maps...
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