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  1. Yeah, I heard this today as well. I think it's a long shot but you never can tell with Howie in charge...
  2. I think Richie Kotite would get my vote for worst coach ever in Eagles history.
  3. It's funny, I was just thinking the same thing. I remember being instructed to put one pair of socks on, then bread wrappers over them, then another pair of socks. Yes, my mom saved bread wrappers to keep my feet dry, LOL..
  4. Love the Tempest graph features ! Hope she is okay...
  5. Had some sleet/rain mix, but now looks to be all rain. Of course the dogs don't care that is 35F and raining. They want to chase the neighborhood cat.
  6. My wife's employer was throwing a late holiday party that Friday evening. I just wanted to talk about the pending storm, but know one else had a clue of what was coming. I remember forecasts mentioning a foot of snow. Woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful explosive snowstorm.
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