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  1. I looked on the website, nothing really for 1st generation only for the 2nd. Maybe I'll have better luck actually talking to someone. Thanks.
  2. The rain display is constantly reading zero. So I'm assuming this is bad.
  3. So, my Davis Vantage Pro weather station is finally starting to fail. Does anyone know of any place that still sells parts for the 1st model ?
  4. Tornado warning for me at work, Newark,DE
  5. That line of storms just starting to cross the Del. bay look to be trouble.
  6. 96 at KILG - please don't say " It's a dry heat" lol.
  7. I bought new solar tiki torches, I was anxious to see how they looked. Finally lit up at 9:03 PM. So let's hope sunsets happen sooner. 🙂
  8. Man, I hope this stays together. I'm tired of hearing "crunch " when I walk on what's left of my lawn.
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