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  1. Southwest NJ - The 51st State - Never the same weather as the rest of the State - LOL...
  2. Nice morning, 75 with dewpoint in the upper 60s and a stiff Easterly/ESE breeze.
  3. Stopped at the local doughnut shop yesterday, picked up 1 dozen freshly made. I love Dutch apple while the wife loves anything chocolate. Enjoyed one with my coffee yesterday morning. So I wake up this morning finding no doughnuts!? All I find is an empty box on the floor, and my wife and 3 dogs passed out on the sofa. It's a cruel start to the morning. 1 mugshot attached.
  4. 83/76 at 8 am, going to be ugly today.
  5. Man, a frozen mudslide would be awesome right about now
  6. All I know is jumping into my pool is like a 2 yr old peeing on my lap at the moment...yes, gross....
  7. It's been 90+ since 7/12 for my area. Looks like today and tomorrow as well...
  8. Father / Son time - Awesome!
  9. Summer heat & humidity. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 Bring on fall...
  10. Make a kabob out of him, fire up the grill. Yummy protein..
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