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  1. Anti climatic, like watching the movie Showgirls on TBS.
  2. T storm warning just issued for my area until 4pm.
  3. Noticed the breeze also, still a beautiful mornings. I'm watching the leaves falling in earnest in the woods. Also noticed many birds flying about but much higher than I usually see, wonder if they're feeding on some type of insects.
  4. My daughter gets married in Mid November, she's hoping for an outdoor ceremony. Maybe she will get her wish? I had told her no way earlier but we shall see...
  5. Ah, nothing like early morning thunderstorms to keep u awake. Looks like .75'' so far. And the storms are pulling away as it's time to get ready for work.
  6. 83 yesterday, 81/70 so far today. I don't like it...
  7. I know my Tempest isn't the best in very heavy rain situations, but it recorded 1.3" of rain in 30 minutes in Pennsville, NJ.
  8. Hope all goes well. I agree with your statement. Could be a cold or allergy. Going to be a pain in the a$$ either way.
  9. And now we start talking about natural gas reserves being less and prices being higher. https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/nat-gas-prices-supply-henry-hub-winter-heating-bills
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