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  1. Was in Doylestown last evening. blinding rain for 10 minutes. see a few reports of damage in the area. Good tstorm rolled through the area.
  2. The flood watch indicates a few rounds of very very heavy rains are expected.
  3. Flash flood watch hoisted. noted widespread 1-3 inches of rain and locally higher amounts. I am open for a 3 plus event on my street.
  4. Little over an inch of rain so far today. Monsoon earlier.
  5. Decent gust front blowing through. typically this kaputs severe storms.
  6. Just got back from Phoenix. airport hit 118 yesterday. 2.5 days in the desert was brutal. local weather station near me hit 121f yesterday. was out in Death Valley a few years back and it hit 128 officially. it’s rough out there..wow
  7. Been in a rain shadow all day. have not checked the gauge… best guess a 1/4 inch. radar splits on my street.
  8. Not much in upper chi yet. some rain and thunder. Waiting for deluge…
  9. Bring it to my street. Rather bullish for rain. Need a gully washer!
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