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  1. Slightly over 20 inches in lower Delco. every storm was mostly a bust. Amazing. that’s life is lower Delco.
  2. You want some elevation. Best best is to be buttoned up near the front range. evergreen, conifer, Nederland, Allenspark or Estes would be solid but limited options for rooms...unless you want to spend some $. Metro Denver - golden , Littleton, Bloomfield, Westminster on top of one of the foothills or sections of the Boulder area.
  3. Westminster is solid and some elevation. Maybe Golden as an option in metro Denver.
  4. Yea it’s ripping snow in upper Chichester
  5. Upper Chichester twp been switching between sleet and snow the past 45 minutes or so snowing at the moment
  6. Melted down the snow and mostly sleet with some freezing drizzle. 0.74 liquid...could have been a 10-12 inch dump if we were all snow in the shaft zone of Delco.
  7. Upper Chichester TWP (noted shaft zone Delco) Notched another peg on the underperformance for snow..enjoyed this storm due the quality of sleet and kitchen sink aspect. Patiently watching radar to see if I can pick up an inch of freshies tonight or tomorrow. going melt the snow/sleet later for a qpf total
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