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  1. Beautiful storm up in the Lehigh Valley. Went out to blow the driveway at 4:30 to get it some sun today before the freeze sets in and it was absolutely gorgeous and silent out. My favorite part of winter and we didn't get enough of it this year. Nice way to cap it all off.
  2. Steady light snow here in Allentown. 34 degrees.
  3. Really nice mod snow 6 miles due West of kabe
  4. Just approaching the old Unisys campus in Blue Bell. You can see it starting to get to the turnpike
  5. First flakes actually reaching the ground here, 7 miles west of KABE.
  6. Starting to think my flight from Charlotte to ABE at 1445 on Friday might need to be adjusted a bit...
  7. Just a brilliant storm. Slowed a bit here in the Lehigh Valley but still light snow. 12 hours straight, at this point, of flakes falling.
  8. I am just stunned with how consistent the snowfall has been. Essentially the same rate for 9 hours straight (and possibly picking up now).
  9. The Mrs drove that stretch two hours ago and it was a disaster then. I'd hate to be out there right now.
  10. Moderate snow without pause since I first looked around 0645 here in Western Allentown. Incredibly consistent and steady. Eyeballing about 4.5 at this point.
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