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  1. I agree, still snowing here in Galloway, NJ. Currently at 32.7 degrees and the snow is finally starting to stick to unpaved surfaces.
  2. Just flipped to snow here in Galloway, NJ. 35.2 degrees
  3. 3.8” here in Galloway, NJ. Just flurries at the moment. 2 measurable storms in 5 days (12” on Monday)…not too shabby for us folks down the shore.
  4. Smithville, NJ: currently 29.7 with sleet and freezing rain. Barely a dusting on the ground.
  5. Sorry for being a bit late, but my final measurement here in Smithville, NJ (about 4 miles NE of ACY) is 4.9”
  6. Smithville, NJ - temp down to 33.1. Rain changed to snow 20 minutes ago.
  7. Well, that makes two of us hoping the EURO is right! Have a feeling it will begin ticking N at 12z...we shall see.
  8. That map looks eerily similar to the December storm, especially with the drop off in snow s/e of Philly. Go figure... Edit: 2020-2021 seasonal pattern in play here I suppose...at least up until now
  9. Lol...I hear you. I yearn for those epic past winters where we all cashed in, kind of like 2010.
  10. Unless you live down the shore, we had 0.0 of snow with that storm...still waiting
  11. Especially those of us who haven’t seen snow in a long while. Nothing but rain yesterday down the shore.
  12. Galloway, NJ - snowfall total is a Blutarsky 0.0 lol!!! Temp 41.2, precip .46 (rain)
  13. The forecast will be much easier for my neck of the woods. Rain, followed by more rain, followed by even more rain...lol. Hopefully the shore areas will get their turn next time.
  14. Hazy sun and 40 degrees. Not expecting more than an inch or two if I’m lucky.
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