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  1. Especially those of us who haven’t seen snow in a long while. Nothing but rain yesterday down the shore.
  2. Galloway, NJ - snowfall total is a Blutarsky 0.0 lol!!! Temp 41.2, precip .46 (rain)
  3. The forecast will be much easier for my neck of the woods. Rain, followed by more rain, followed by even more rain...lol. Hopefully the shore areas will get their turn next time.
  4. Hazy sun and 40 degrees. Not expecting more than an inch or two if I’m lucky.
  5. Hey Tom, does that line extend to ACY? EDIT: never mind I see your snow map
  6. 1” here in Galloway, NJ. Currently, the best snow of the day. It’s been snowing very lightly since 8am until now.
  7. Nice pictures. Nothing but snow flurries here in Galloway NJ. I’m about 13 miles due west of Brigantine beach. Squall line past just north of here.
  8. Galloway NJ: Currrently 36 degrees and raining. Part 1 total: Blutarsky Part 2 total: Blutarsky
  9. I appreciate the feedback. I will try doing that on my phone. Sorry about the OT comment.
  10. Hey Tom, I keep getting this message popping up that says something about being an Amazon.com winner; any idea what’s up with that? It looks like spam
  11. I’m a few miles away in Galloway and can attest to 2.5’ drifts that I walked through while taking measurements.
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