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  1. Already tapering to flurries in Gap. A few flakes resting in the mulch.
  2. Is the underwater aspect factored into the volcano scale? My understanding is that if the volcano is at the perfect depth, the interaction between the seawater and magma can be ridiculously explosive. I'm wondering if the VEI factors for that or is just concerned with the amount of energy released by the volcano itself.
  3. If you are a masochist https://www.phillywx.com/topic/269-snow-threat-sunday-125-monday-12615/
  4. Reports are pretty underwhelming so far in Western PA. Feels like another bust for the folks west of the Apps. They've REALLY had it rough.
  5. 6.3, coldest low of the pandemic
  6. I'm happy for my Pittsburgh friends. It's been a loooooooooooong time since they have had a legit heavy snowfall out there.
  7. 12.4 this morning. Have not had a single digit low since 2/21/21.
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