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  1. Headed down to Avon, NC for a week on Saturday. Figure this will be our last chance to go in the offseason until our 1 year old graduates high school, since our first grader is virtual right now. Temperatures look like they will be in the 70s and no tropical threats in sight. Looking forward to it!
  2. Thank you!! Moon phase is perfect but worried about clouds that night. We shall see.
  3. My wife picked this up for me the other day. The reviews look fantastic. It's an Irish Whiskey that is aged in both bourbon barrels and cognac. Can't wait to try it.
  4. Yup. Nice soaking followed by yet another superb stretch of weather.
  5. Heading up to Jim Thorpe for the first time this weekend. We got an Airbnb cabin about twenty minutes outside the town near Beltzville State Park. Foliage should be nice with the recent chilly weather.
  6. I've been procrastinating getting my snow blower fixed for 18 months. Should I let it ride for another six?
  7. Beautiful day to try the Chester Valley Trail for the first time. We parked at Exton Park and rode 5 miles east to Wegmans for lunch. Enjoyed it quite a bit!
  8. @Parsley I was driving to work a few years ago up Peters Road near White Horse, and that red balloon landed right in front of he off the side of the road. That balloon was as frequent sight when I worked in Ephrata.
  9. Nice ISS pass tonight. Was able to capture a few stars on the phone.
  10. Cleared out beautifully. Nice and warm this afternoon and starting to get chilly as the sun goes down. Best time of year.
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