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  1. Doesn't look like much on radar, that combined with the cool temperatures makes it surprising how much lightning/thunder there is with this line.
  2. Exactly. Stricker has been a fantastic captain, he was great in the Presidents Cup too. In American golf, we have now progressed enough where the Tiger generation has grown up and is dominating the sport. The next 10-15 years are going to be fun. I've never seen a team gel like they did. Hell, even Bryson and Brooks hugged it out! Dechambeau may have made a fan out of me this weekend.
  3. Just an incredible three days. What else can you say?
  4. Had a great time today with you all! Apologies for having to run out, had to get home and relieve my wife. Was a great day.
  5. All things considered, great morning for the Americans. I would be very happy with a split this afternoon. Just don't want to give anything back to the Euros. Spieth/JT had plenty of chances, just couldn't make a putt.
  6. Yep, surprised how much embedded thunder was in that line. 2.37" on the Ambient here. Flash flood warnings posted for southern Chester County...no surprise there. Particularly nasty slug of very heavy rain moving through.
  7. Dumping. Ambient picking up 3.5"/hr rates. Well over an inch already.
  8. Windiest day I've woken up to in quite a while. Bummer this has to coincide with taking the kids to school.
  9. Chilly morning so it will take some additional time to warm up, and the first hole is a 550 yard Par 5. What could possibly go wrong? 😆
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