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  1. Sun trying to break through...can't shake these pesky coastal clouds.
  2. The clouds really didn't get thick until 5 or 6 PM yesterday. Made for a really nice Sunday.
  3. Is there a shot of today being less cloudy than expected? Satellite shows a lot of clear skies in PA. At least for the morning?
  4. That stretch of weather we had last week (Monday-Friday, naturally) was probably the nicest four-five day stretch we are going to have all year.
  5. @frankdp23 I agree with you 100% on Heady Topper. There is such an absurd surplus of super-high quality IPAs now that Heady, to be honest, is not that special anymore. Sure, it's good, but they artificially restrict supply to give it the aura it has. I actually prefer Victory's Dirtwolf to Heady Topper, among others.
  6. Yup, I went to one Penn State tailgate and I was in a bad way before noon.
  7. Good call on the sun. Blue skies here currently. I never like these false hope mornings.
  8. I always forget you live in Port Matilda! I grew up in Altoona (Sinking Valley, to be exact). I made a lot of runs up 550 to State College, especially before 99 was finished. I will be visiting relatives back home in June and will definitely be stopping at Way Fruit Farm.
  9. Had to post this. He's got the green jacket tossed over the ATL airport chair like I would throw my jacket. One of us!!
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