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  1. Just cannot get anything in the short term. Plenty of potential in some of these model runs but that and two bucks will get you a cup of coffee. #remember2010-11
  2. Doug Pederson was hardly an in-game coaching genius, but Jeffrey Lurie has come out of this looking terrible. Howie Roseman is like Rasputin whispering in his ear.
  3. Newb question. Is northern stream referring to the polar jet and southern stream referring to the subtropical jet? I assume northern stream domination is badbecause it suppresses all the southern stream waves well to the south? Sorry if I'm way off
  4. There's a "that's what she said" joke lurking.... 🤣
  5. 19.2 here. Another cloudy day with no precipitation.
  6. It was....challenging First course where I've really felt like I needed to put my driver away on more than a couple holes.
  7. Madrid ended up with eight inches of snow yesterday!
  8. This is fantastic. Getting a vibe of the old Cliffhangers game on Price is Right
  9. Kinda feels like this every 6 hours.
  10. 7 AM and the wind is already relentless. It would be nice to get one sunny day without nonstop wind.
  11. Yup. I think you and I talked about this a couple of years ago. If I had a choice between several 3-6" snow events, or one massive snowstorm, I'll take the moderate events any day.
  12. What's the deal with the heavy stripe of snow in SNJ? Seems strange to have such an outlier against the gradient.
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