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  1. Have had some light non-accumulating snow for a few hours now.
  2. Thanks. I feel like for the most part we haven't had a clipper pattern in a decade, haha.
  3. December's with MJO phase 6 with a - enso aren't too terrible if I am reading this right.
  4. Trying out a new brewery that just opened today literally within a mile of my house. Hopefully it's good!
  5. yeah, on the first maps that rolled out it looked pretty good. Close still.
  6. Ukie looks rather aggressive with this. Pivotal maps updating now.
  7. I was similar to chesco last night, 26. It was dropping fast, then leveled off. Weird, about 1130 temp went from 28.6 to 31.5 by 12:15. I'm not sure what that was all about. Then it started to fall off again.
  8. Has it been dry there too like here? If it is similar to here, they wouldn't have had much precip to have snow cover anyway.
  9. My immediate family that we go to on Thanksgiving doesn't drink much at all. Then we head over to friends for dessert, and they are usually pretty hammered compared to Christmas. New Years Eve varies, lol
  10. I miss putting up lights. My old house I had a lot up, this home is too high and I get nervous, so wreaths and spotlights, haha
  11. .07" Had some wind gusts to 35. Got to 72 yesterday
  12. I sense the ledge jumping graphic might be on its way before December this year for some.
  13. .38" here. Had about a 5 minute burst of heavy rain as the main show.
  14. I saw several this weekend both at my house and a buddies. I was surprised to see them after 4 days with lows in the mid-20s.
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