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  1. My mother gets her 1st tomorrow, and my mother in law gets her 2nd next week. Very thankful as well. My work (Pfizer) is following CDC guidelines, but is offering shot to employees. Right now it is down to 44 or older. Missed it by 2 years!
  2. Also what seems to get overlooked for some odd reason, the 100% prevention of death for JnJ vaccine. That is best news to me.
  3. Once we turn the clocks forward, I'm pretty much out of winter mode, but consistently nice weather is still pretty much 6+ weeks away.
  4. Tiger Woods crashed his car early this morning. The jaws of life had to be used to remove him from the vehicle according to the LA County Sheriffs office. No word on how he is doing other than he was transported to a local hospital via ambulance.
  5. I moved to this home 4.5 years ago. It faces south and I'm on a slight hill. It is horrible for "maintaining" snow. I should have realized that since the solar panels were on the front side of my roof. I said to my wife the other day I think we have worst house on the block for snow to survive. She's happy about it, but I said if I realized it, I might not have moved to this home. 😄
  6. Had a lemon sorbet beer from Lone Eagle Brewery. Went down nicely!
  7. I remember that. I was in Piscataway at the time. My house was strange in that it had 2 separate basements, and both got 2" of water in them.
  8. I was just looking at my spreadsheet with my snow totals going back to 1979/1980 (I used Rutgers until I started measuring as a 9 year old in 1987 back in Piscataway), and this is now the 8th snowiest winter I've experienced. I need 4" more to move into 4th place. I can't complain one bit.
  9. 2/22 - 5" Total - 51" I had no idea there was this much on my lawn lol. I think my front yard has a bit less.
  10. Finished with 5" on the nose here. Now light rain and 33.1. It might get really icy tonight. At my old house I always hand shoveled, but I had a small driveway, maybe like 3 cars long, double wide. Now my driveway can fit probably 10 suv's. I even snowblow if there is an inch on it, lol.
  11. Back to mod snow. Was about to clear the driveway, but I guess I'll wait now.
  12. Posted too soon. Rain/sleet/snow mix now. Just measured 4.5".
  13. For the past hour, the mix line has been about a mile or so away. Pretty amazing. Edit: sleet and snow now. Held off longer than I thought
  14. 2" the past hour, bringing me to 4", and more importantly, 50" for the season! Mix line must be about 2 miles away, but hanging on to heavy snow.
  15. The mix line I think it going to be super close at my location. It hoping it stays just east to get the SE part of my county. It will be a nail biter. S++ currently. @Allsnow might be close to flipping to sleet.
  16. Same here. S+, 32.4. My street they seem to clean extra well since there is a school on it. It is always last to cave with the amount of salt they put on it.
  17. Very heavy snow here, probably only second to the blizzard this year.
  18. @Parsley yes it is. We had it done last year but it didn't get finished until about Nov 1, so we never really had a chance to use it. I need to break it in still 😄
  19. I was very similar this time for my area. Overall I think I managed 4.40 snow and then sleet/ice. I took a pic of that in my hand, not sure what the amount was since some of this was compacted snow/snowmelt as well. I think I'm around 190 feet AGL. Just looked at the local cocorahs station, and it recorded 4.3 new snow over the 18th/19th.
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