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  1. When the storm is ongoing, I use the station to get a general sense, then when the storm is done, use the CocoRahs gauge to see what I really got. It is always cool to compare the two. With Ida, my station was short by nearly 2"
  2. Just checked. Stratus 3.15" and Ambient 3.08". Very close.
  3. Up to 3.05" on my weather station. Will check the official gauge when this is all done an compare.
  4. You can have the 6.8 that is pretty much over my house....just not in winter though
  5. When I was looking up info about it last year, it seems like it is highly regarded in Europe. I have no idea how though.
  6. I was probably in Wegmans, haha. Norz hill farm is about 2 minutes from me. It is right over the river. I'm heading there Saturday with the family to do the scare farm.
  7. All 5 Lakes are at or near record warmth for this time of the year. Maybe some rocket fuel for you in a few weeks.
  8. 42 here. Saw on the ambient app that many stations within 3-4 miles were in the 30s. next time...
  9. Wife brought home a fig tree yesterday....I busted out laughing
  10. You were actually in my town. Wow! You probably drove past my street off 202 haha
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