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  1. Somehow yesterday's heavy frost lasted the entire day in shady area's in my back yard. That was the first time I've ever seen that happen. Weird!
  2. So much nicer than mine. (This isn't mine, found a pic online that looks like it).
  3. I'm kind of here with you. I never really check out though. A few years ago I probably would have, but I think I realized there is nothing we can really do about it, and some winters are good and others aren't. We had a pretty epic 25 year stretch (yes, dud's were in there) that I'm happy to have experienced. I guess in a way I did the same thing with sports players. I hated Jordan for always killing the Knicks. But, looking back, I now really appreciate his greatness. So I now I really appreciate Kobe, LeBron, Brady, Peyton, Big Papi, Verlander, etc. Sometime we win snow wise, sometime
  4. Nice sunrise while taking the dog out this morning
  5. Haha yeah. The numbers on that game is like the winter calendar
  6. It still is even with some improvements they did. I lived in Piscataway for 38 years right near Rutgers.
  7. I believe he is living in north NJ near the High Point area. He posts over at American and 33.
  8. Yeah. This is courtesy of Walt Drag as of an hour ago. Looks like a pretty small area over accumulating snow.
  9. Thank goodness for the December storm. It has been extremely boring with little to nothing to track. The most entertaining thing is your back and forth with a certain poster at another place. 😄
  10. Yup, that was a favorite of mine. I went to my grandmothers in Rutherford for Thanksgiving. 2 cousins my age lived on the same block as her. So my parents let me sleep over for 2 days to sled and play. I think that was around 6 or so for here too.
  11. 93 I got about 13". I remember one storm in the late 80s that my location got nearly a foot. Looking at an archive, I think it must have been Jan 87. It looks like Long Island didn't do as well though. That is the one bigger storm I remember as a kid before 93.
  12. I only had my license for 3 months for this storm. But, since my mom never got her license and my father had passed, I did do a decent amount of driving after this storm. I didn't go to New Brunswick, but I do remember after the next day driving my mom to my sisters in Edison, then taking them both to a craft store on Route 1 in Edison, I think PEARL? I drove an 87 Grand Prix with rear wheel drive, and I remember thinking why am I driving when my sister was 24 with much more experience driving and new car, haha. @Parsley the 78 blizzard was before I was born as well. My mom has some
  13. Long range gefs have some cold, but more Baby Bob than Barney
  14. But in the summer a warm bias with the 100s it spits out? It is weird, I guess its a seasonal bias
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