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  1. I have 3 overall, but the one I have on my weather station is on my roof, so I don't totally count that station for temps. I usually go with a combination of my 2 digital ones.
  2. 71 earlier, 46 now. Didn't rain enough to cancel softball practice. This is going to awful later. Had a 41.2 mph gust earlier and still very windy
  3. Yeah, that one I posted was from the same brewery, but it was called Focal Banger. I agree though, so many good one's around, and this one didn't knock me off my feet or anything. It was cool to taste it though.
  4. I pretty much never have a drink before noon. I think the last time I had one was on a cruise for my 40th 2 years ago. Hard to pass up a good mimosa!
  5. Haha, never! I had a memory pic pop up from few years ago that google photos does, then saw this pic from Monday. I thought some here might appreciate that beer.
  6. The brewery that I have a membership to had a beer exchange on Monday. It was good time. People brought 2 beers for about 20 people to try a sample of, and then you can take one home. I got to sample this. I actually didn't think it lived up to the hype.
  7. First lawn cut yesterday. Grass looking pretty good. Now I need to take care of the few area's that the dog killed with his #1's. He always goes in the same area's for like a month, then goes to another. Now I have like 4 patches from the winter time tinkle's.
  8. She was very tired last night and had the chills a bit. When she woke up this morning, she felt a little achy but better.
  9. I heard a few rumbles. It woke both myself and my wife up. Looks like gauge is at 1.42" now
  10. Wow, I had exactly that too. Some thunder last night, and more rain now. Yuck!
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