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  1. Just recently started reading it. Only a couple of chapters in, but it is definitely very general so far - history of the interest in snow, snow flake crystals, it's impact on society throughout history, etc. Though he has alluded to some local stuff a few times. Enjoying it so far but not exactly what I was anticipating. Curious if it goes into more detail about local snows further in.
  2. Got my first lightning notification just now. Said lightning detected between 19 & 21 miles away. Checked it against RadarScope detection, and it was 20 miles away. Pretty impressive. Overall I think it’s a great device for its price and simple design, with the obvious caveat of the rain gauge.
  3. Dew point approaching 60F. 59.5 on the VP2 and 59.7 on the Tempest. Wouldn’t feel right without it, Merry Christmas to all !!!
  4. Agreed that was an awfully bold statement. Curious, were measurements always performed that same way? When did the 6 hour rule begin? I saw there was a report from my area about 5 miles from the airport of 21” for the ‘96 storm and wonder whether there were storms approaching that caliber before but measurements were taken post storm with settling, while others were measured clearing the board every 6 hours? Looking forward to the look back for the 25th anniversary!
  5. This storm definitely reinforced 2 rules I try to always keep in mind - 1. A tombo man high in a decent position will always over perform, at least at low levels 2. Warm air advection nearly always over performs. The great and powerful Fred Gadomski taught me at PSU that “warm air advection waits for no one”
  6. Most likely, but temps in all levels look to crash as the low strengthens and pulls away. I’d be more skeptical about the precip than the temps. How is Gilly looking tombo ?!
  7. I definitely loved how easy it was to setup, 5 mins tops. For shits and giggles I put it outside on the ground below my VP2 until I get a chance to figure out a good spot and mount it this weekend. Found it pretty cool that as the sun set it’s temps dropped MUCH faster than than the VP2 mounted at 6’. I’m now sort of considering mounting it in a nonstandard location just to look at the microclimate of the property since the VP2 is still my official records and working just fine.
  8. Just received mine 😋 Probably won't get a chance to mount it until the weekend, but looking forward to mounting directly next to my Davis VP2 to compare accuracy.
  9. Sorry to hear. I was diagnosed about 5 years back, it took about 8 months until they figured it out. It’s a relatively under-understood disease, but generally not too bad long term (though incredible varied, it effects everyone so differently). Best advice I can give is take care of yourself - exercise, eating, etc. My symptoms were confined to awful joint pains, I never actually got sick. Doctors wanted to keep pumping me with strong antibiotics month after month, but after the second dose I declined and focused on self health and it made a big difference. Best of luck! Feel free to
  10. Another option may be to purchase a cellular modem for internet access? We install cradlepoint modems often for work when we need to setup internet access at locations where connecting to the existing IT infrastructure isn't possible.
  11. I did a complete overhaul of my lawn a few years back and used the hay (straw?) and apparently it was contaminated with some nutsedge seed. It definitely helped retain moisture and speed up the new grass germination, but it was a huge headache dealing with the nutsedge for the next 2 years.
  12. They are super annoying. There's at least a dozen swarming my front lawn everyday, nearly all day. Every time I walk out of the house I'm dodging them. They dig these holes in the lawn which (at least I'm told) is where they bring cicadas to eat. I spray a hole in the evening when they take a break, and then there's another the following day 2' away. I guess the one positive is that they aren't notorious for going after or stinging humans. Going to look into putting down an insecticide. Anyone else have any luck in this situation?
  13. 3.78” in Clifton heights delco, with maybee another hundredth or two before we wrap up. Plants and grass and (too?) happy
  14. Yep just had a 5 minute shower here - a whopping 0.01" and now it feels even steamier as the sun is poking back out.
  15. Sure looks like it 😑 I saw a lot on my work property in Montco last year but only just started seeing them here in delco about a month ago. Since then I’ve probably seen 100-200 in my yard. Try to kill them as often as possible but those little buggers are smart, they jump about 10’ when you get too close.
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