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  1. Another option may be to purchase a cellular modem for internet access? We install cradlepoint modems often for work when we need to setup internet access at locations where connecting to the existing IT infrastructure isn't possible.
  2. I did a complete overhaul of my lawn a few years back and used the hay (straw?) and apparently it was contaminated with some nutsedge seed. It definitely helped retain moisture and speed up the new grass germination, but it was a huge headache dealing with the nutsedge for the next 2 years.
  3. They are super annoying. There's at least a dozen swarming my front lawn everyday, nearly all day. Every time I walk out of the house I'm dodging them. They dig these holes in the lawn which (at least I'm told) is where they bring cicadas to eat. I spray a hole in the evening when they take a break, and then there's another the following day 2' away. I guess the one positive is that they aren't notorious for going after or stinging humans. Going to look into putting down an insecticide. Anyone else have any luck in this situation?
  4. 3.78” in Clifton heights delco, with maybee another hundredth or two before we wrap up. Plants and grass and (too?) happy
  5. Yep just had a 5 minute shower here - a whopping 0.01" and now it feels even steamier as the sun is poking back out.
  6. Sure looks like it 😑 I saw a lot on my work property in Montco last year but only just started seeing them here in delco about a month ago. Since then I’ve probably seen 100-200 in my yard. Try to kill them as often as possible but those little buggers are smart, they jump about 10’ when you get too close.
  7. Elevated mixed layer http://www.ryanhanrahan.com/2011/05/27/elevated-mixed-layer/
  8. # severe warnings - 194 # 90+ days - 37 Highest temp - 100
  9. How long after putting down new grass seed before it’s ok to put down weed preventer (mainly for crabgrass)? I threw down some fresh soil and seed around my new patio back in March (Didn’t have much of a choice bc the patio wasn’t finished until December) and it’s come along nice, and usually try to put down the crabgrass prevent around Memorial Day, but don’t want to destroy any of the fresh seedlings.
  10. Yep that’s definitely it. Thanks tombo!
  11. Anyone have any idea what this is? It’s growing like wildfire and is like velcro when you touch it so I’ve had to resort to spraying it
  12. Have actually been getting some flurries/light graupel falling here and there over the past hour or so. Surface warmth must be very shallow considering it's in the mid 40s on my VP2. Definitely up there with the warmest surface temps I've seen flakes flying.
  13. As a typically even-keeled, former meteorologist, I can’t help but laugh at this “how everything that could if wrong went wrong” winter went. So my question to you all is.. what at this point could save this winter for you??? Based on the incredibly +AO, dumpster fire pacific, and crap MJO we have very little to hope for at least the next 3 weeks, but my question to you all is “is there a storm that could still turn this winter into a “B”?, and “A”??
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