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  1. Gfs drier, but an effective way to lay down thin layers of ice. Like a freezing mist for a bit.
  2. Good points, and models tend to get rid of the cad sig too fast. I really hope this isn’t a significant zr event. We’ll see how it plays out this weekend...not seeing a lot of room at H5 that would get us to pure snow event, but crazier things have happened on modeling.
  3. Surface hp is actually in a really solid spot. It’s a Southwest flow above us BC of the primary heading west of us. It’s why you’re seeing solid low level cold forecasted, but sleet/ice in the mix.
  4. Mt. holly”s thoughts : Regardless, this looks like the potential for a messy system, with cold air damming at the beginning of the event providing for complicated precipitation type, while a mid level warm layer nudging into the region by Saturday night keeps the potential for a wintry mix through the end of the period. Snow and ice forecasts won`t fully encompass this event until Sunday, but overall I`m not concerned with significant (warning level) snow amounts. However, there is the potential for advisory or even warning level ice amounts depending on how persistent the mid level w
  5. @mweav067 models hinting at a 6-10pm start time, sw to ne. Too early to say amounts as of now, and looks like temps try to rebound Sunday morning into the upper 30’s with maybe some sun. @snowlurker gfs and euro kept this mostly light, but effective, glazing producer.
  6. Snow days with the pup!! She’s getting bigger @13 weeks old. last little band pushed us close to 3”, maybe 1/8” short. Still coming down a little Bit, so we’ll call it 3”.
  7. Wx bell before Saturday: after...lol. think there’s a warm layer in there, cause it def ain’t snow.
  8. I dunno... we seem to find a way to mess things up somehow in Delco/city corridor. Sitting at 34 right now..wonder if that takes away at the beginning.
  9. There’s a signal on the hi res models that some precip dries out as it crosses the apps into eastern pa. Up towards tombo’ dates into sepa. We’ll see if they’re onto something or not.
  10. Yea. I just worry if ground temps may limit accumulations at the getgo. Or if clouds move in and we don’t cool off as much. I’m just snake bitten from the last event lol.
  11. Just food for thought, Philly is @36° today. Supposed to be a high of 32🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Yea, I think models might be underestimating the low level cold. If this cuts further west, we could stay colder than if it drove up the apps. Would get quite icy for some areas...
  13. Don’t like how euro/ens and gfs/GEFS mixed in more cutters for Tuesday’s event. Would be a slop storm to possibly rain. Lots of details to figure out this far out, so we wait and see.
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