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  1. It is warmer at 700mb though . Almost 80knot southwesterly flow around that level... that warm air can push in really fast aloft..
  2. Seems like nam is quicker to changeover compared to gfs/ euro, especially for far sepa. did trend colder compared to 12z though.
  3. By 48 , trough out west is slightly more progressive, and TPV is a touch East.. I’ll post surface shortly
  4. Nam looks a bit quicker to start to compared to 6z euro . shawn, we have qpf maps?
  5. EPS . Little snowier/colder. i do caution using a snow mean. Seems like the M.O. of this storm could be a strong fronto band somewhere , then a relaxation in is, some snow and then warmer air surges in as @susqushawn noted. Para and nam had that dual” jackpot” look.
  6. Nw trend has commenced ... in 48’hrs this should be a cutter again 😂😂 I’m kidding
  7. Last 4 GEFS: (Hopefully slow enough for @snowlurker!! . I forgot how fast the wxbell default is).
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