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  1. Gfs for this: close for city.. maybe white rain? Nam was a bit warmer at surface (low 40’s I believe)
  2. ZR/Ip mix here at my location. I don’t get done my shift till 1900 today; and that’s 36 hour straight at work. Not looking forward to going home and scraping ice 😩 (wife did a little bit, but she’s feeling like crap after her 2nd vaccine).
  3. This’ll be the area to watch today building down by Dc. unpaved surfaces in Delco, and some side streets and pretty slick. I almost wiped out in the parking lot at work; and one of our younger guys did!! Lol. (He’s ok). stay safe out there today!
  4. Icy as a mofo out on anything untreated. Not super thick, but thick enough to slip and slide. Jersey looks like it’s getting murked.
  5. You gotta at least tell which model it is, and the time frame we’re looking at. Otherwise I’ll just delete it..
  6. Back to heavy snow in Clifton heights/secane / Delco. How weird. Guess the column is cooling enough.
  7. Will be interesting to see the obs for this. I’ll let you’s know shortly. I could see 95 snow/sleet mix while n&W stay all snow like they have all morning
  8. I always said this warmer air aloft probably loves in faster than modeled. I was hoping we’d make it to 10... it’s 7am lol. Not sure if that little “mega band” just N&W of 95 invited some warmer air further north or not.
  9. Jahsisusgskalsusjsuxisieyehs ...sleet
  10. .5” snow mayb, all sleet now in Clifton heights/Drexel Hill. 🤷🏻‍♂️🔥🔥
  11. Not sure if it was posted, but here’s the 12k nam : Flashback of the Super Bowl storm.... (except more sleet).
  12. Mighty have to do something with the less than ideal TPV set up all winter. Less of a thermal gradient, especially in this side of the globe. We’ve been lucky enough to have a fingerling of the TPv above us a few times. But yea, even with the blocky pattern and phased systems, nothing went deep. (SLP).
  13. Keep an eye on the backside of this system. If the coastal part of this system does throw any precip back, could be ip, or my concern, ZR. Gfs has .20” of ice for 95 corridor into Friday afternoon.
  14. GEFS on the N&W of 95 train for most snowfall. How can you bet against seasonal trends/climo?!
  15. What the NAM is doing makes sense, and we’ve touched on it before. Like I mentioned in the SUPERBOWL storm, strong fronto band will create subsidence (and allow warming aloft) adjacent to where it hits. That’s what you’re seeing on guidance. There’s actually been a signal for it on the last few days, with a dual maxima (especially if it sets up further N&W). With a “screw” zone in the middle, where warmer air is allowed to ride in and precip rates won’t cool the column enough, and you change to sleet faster. If it wasn’t soo early, I’d dig it up. But just took the pup for a walk, now head
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