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  1. Yep. Brought blizzard conditions to philly, and the snow had the texture of sand. Believe there was a direct piece of the TPV involved. (Normally, angular momentum with the tpv discourages phases. But we had a solid -NAO event after a SSW /split.
  2. Weeklies show a Strong -nao look. If it’s right, we could be look at back door cold front season., even with the -pna look wanting to pump the se ridge.
  3. I asked the same thing heading out to the store @730. By the time I got to Wawa 30 mins later, the wind was whipping. Don’t think the bulk was supposed to come through till like 9-3am?
  4. This backyard is gonna be a project. Anyone have recommendations? I’m all ears!! Haha. (Buddy has an aerator that he’s bringing over in March, and plan on backfilling some of the lower divots. But yea, need a way to to move this water out quicker. Im guessing draining to front of house? (My house is lowest point on block. Drains faster, I just think it hasn’t caught up since the august rainstorms). doesn’t look this bad usually, but the snowmelt hurts
  5. Yeti?! Or just @MikeD in Havertown?! Haha. Buddy posted this on his Facebook:
  6. No surprise. Event was downplayed as minor across networks. False sense of security, doesn’t take much anymore to get back ups and gridlock.
  7. Yep... rain soaked slop.... heavy snow here now. looks like a secondary warm pocket aloft moving in from the west. And as I’m writing this, starting to switch up too.
  8. Speak for yourself... lol. Rode the mix line all month imby. Bring back 09-10’...
  9. Slowly switching back to snow. I’m like 5-10 miles from you to your west out in Delco.crazy what a few miles will do for ya.
  10. It’s depressing 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂. Gonna start a go fund me to move I-95 closer to Vineland. Can take the dividing line with it 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Crazy gradient. Still rain here down in Clifton heights/secane area.
  12. Quickly over to rain here in lower Delco. Expecting @tombo82685 to drop a 6-10” measurement here shortly 😂😂
  13. 50/50 mix here in Delco/ secane area. Roads covered in slush.
  14. Model guidance is in relatively good agreement in showing snowfall rates at or slightly higher than 1 inch per hour developing first over the higher terrain in central PA and then spreading east. Model soundings imply the heaviest rates will probably occur near State College between 8-9am EST and 11am-12pm EST near Reading, PA.
  15. Some side roads getting covered here in Delco
  16. Good catch. I thought that Precip type product was linked to CC product. Better representation of that mix/snow vs heavier returns.
  17. 30/21 in Delco. Never hit out 25° forecasted low. We’ll see if that plays a factor into the immediate 95 corridor today
  18. Yea. Love this track!!! I like Tony , and was rooting for him to get that W. I think he’s just too nice, doesn’t have that killer instinct to put it away. but Max homa is a likeable guy. That chip shot on the 1st playoff hole with the ball against the tree was incredible!!
  19. Gfs hour 30 (sounding is for KPHL) not a bad look. Maybe a surprise tomorrow for those only expecting 1”?
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