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  1. Playing @ penn Oaks for an outing. Great course!
  2. Looks like target time for SEPA is from 8pm- midnight roughly on the CAMS
  3. 85/71 combo will give you impressive cape : No wonder those storms blew up outta nowhere.
  4. Just dumping in Delco right now. FFW issued
  5. A couple meso’s out there.. can’t rule out a brief tornado warning on some cells
  6. It’s all we’ll need for now.
  7. Nice! I went out of sea isle last Thursday for fluke. Caught about 4-5 shorts and this 19” keeper!
  8. Let’s keep current obs in this thread for today/tomorrow:
  9. Nice fish!!! The guy in the left is a beast!! Look at that jaw! 25”?
  10. With the second round of storms in the afternoon and evening, there remains a risk for heavy rain (precipitable water values remain above normal, though storm motions should be slightly faster), but there also could be a risk for severe storms. There remains a slight risk over portions of our region (generally along and west of the 95 corridor) due to 35 to 40 kt of bulk shear and potential for SB CAPE values near 1000 J/kg (though as mentioned above this is uncertain given the characteristics of the lull). The primary concern is the potential for wet microbursts resulting in damaging winds.
  11. Lines pretty mehh if you ask me, outside of the berks portion. some heavier cape down in SEPA, so maybe we’ll see some pulse up. But the forcing isn’t the best.
  12. They dropped the hail to 5% in the 9am update fwiw. Less impressed with the discrete cells potential since last night in guessing.
  13. Sorry , August is still too fresh in my head to be “worried” about drought 😂
  14. Yea, but it’ll be a dry heat!!😂😂
  15. Little hike with the puppy on the Brandywine river trail today) (who doesn’t look soo puppy’ish these days -6 months old) beautiful day out! Enjoy it while you can....
  16. Wonder how tomorrow goes... models picking up on a BDCF sweeping through...
  17. Shelf season has begun! 😂😂 quick hitting storm last night, little breezy, but nothing crazy. Over/under on KPHL hitting 52mph gusts today. I’ll take the over !
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