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  1. Let’s hope the Eps aren’t into something in the long range: Pac air just pouring into Canada. This is a horrible look for everyone in the conus lol. would be hard to undo in time for December
  2. Helluva thunderstorm overnight! Went on for about 2 hours. speaking of lantern flies, already spotted one egg sack on the tree outback. I’ll be out there with a blow torch later this winter burning the bloody things away!
  3. 72 /66 split here in augus…October 3rd @10pm
  4. Looks to be fairly humid in the Next 5-14 days 😒 euro advertising dewpoints hovering around the low to mid 60’s on the op.
  5. Stunning day out there! Just gorgeous !! Me and puppers went for a little hike!
  6. Topic locked for now. A few people ruining it for most. I’m sorry, but that’s what it is for now. Feel free to take any Covid /Politics to another forum/platform.
  7. “Odette” you nobody does ! 🥁🥁 ok, I’ll walk myself out
  8. First and last warning. we can talk vaccine stats/scientific research in here, as Tony and a few other have been doing. It was made abundantly clear when this threat was started, that name throwing, political stances and whatever other derogatory comments are made, that the thread would be locked up. The goal is to keep the negative:personal opinions talk outside of PhillyWx. There are plenty of other platforms to discuss this topic. Thank you.
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