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  1. Just saw they issues this, Whole tweet chain from Mt. Holly:
  2. Saw the Jager and immediately started to dry heave... thanks 😂
  3. 3k nam favors interior sections for storms, and have them die off as they enter the 95 corridor :
  4. This is my grip. Assuming it’s what you’re explaining? and good for you taking lessons. It’s worth it, those guys know what they’re talking about. Gotta start with the basics. A lot of times, people worry soo much about the swing itself, that they don’t focus on the basics: grip, ball placement and balance. I took my game to the next level a few years ago when I really started practicing & working on my balance. Became a wayyy more consistent ball striker. Pretty much eliminated chunks and skulls after that. It was mind boggling.
  5. 1. From Mt. Holly’s page: Possibke tracks they’re investigating. Should give you a decent idea of the tracks. Surveys today will confirm. 2. I believe if there’s a tight couplet, a hook echoe and the CC drop (correlation coefficient) that’s enough to issue the confirmed tornado.
  6. You probably experienced the RFD (rear flank downdraft)
  7. Sounds like some damage on lbi.. poles and wires down per fire radio..
  8. Just absolutely floored at the way things unfolded today. Thought a chance for a random spin up or 2, and thought maybe with the lack of sun we dodged a bullet. Doesn’t seem to be the case.. these were legit , big dog cyclic tornadic supercells…with pretty much a tornado outbreak and long track tornados possible… unreal…
  9. Not good for lbi folks... that’s a populated path on the island..
  10. Jesus....something big on the ground here running along 72*
  11. Bensalem area got hit by something strong….
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