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  1. Went low today (same can’t be said for my playing partners lol). 37/40 split . Wind really picked up on the back 9 🤷🏻‍♂️. Hitting my irons soo flush right now, it’s been an amazing feeling. (And keeping my tee shots in play!) played at Springfield CC. Not a bad day today.
  2. Nice little light show overnight. It was also the puppy’s first run in with thunder and she jumped up in bed and hid under the covers with us lol.
  3. Heartache!! Haha. Would this have been her first ace?!
  4. Pity flakes flying in aston. Not a lot, but mixing in with these last few showers.
  5. Pa to open up eligibility of vaccines to all people: and Covid in Israel is almost gone... impressive daily low totals each day. Hopefully we’re there by June.
  6. What in the name of a blocking pattern regime is this?! Uhhh.... nasty April on tap with BDCF non stop?!
  7. 3k Nam for Sunday....SPC has a 15% severe hatched area for parts of region too
  8. Dude!!! Bryson looking like a weekend hacker here!!! Worm burner off the tee, and a dead shank on his drop... westwood slicing soo hard too
  9. Looks like he’s making out alright? Looks like cheyanne would of been the bullseye/go to
  10. North trends, even in Denver!!
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