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  1. Winged foot really showing her teeth today. Little bit of wind and some drying out of the greens and poof! There go the under par rounds. Fun to watch though!
  2. Annual poconos golf trip coming up Sunday-Wednesday! May be dealing with some frost delays first few days !! 🥶 I think 2 years ago we went a week earlier and it was like 90° all week. September is a crazy month. Sunday- mountain laurel golf course Monday- personal favorite- Jack Frost National tuesday- blue ridge trails GC Wednesday- Great Bear Golf course
  3. Whiskey season is back! (I tend to drink Vodka in the summer, whiskey in the fall/winter.)
  4. Could be some flooding issues tomorrow for parts of the MT holly region. 1 day event, rather than a 2-3 day event. We’ll see how it plays out tomorrow...
  5. That hole is a bear! Actually, a couple holes there are. Really tough course. I played a Tournement there 2-3 years ago during a windy day (gusts to 40-50mph). That made it brutal scoring day!
  6. Thankfully the heavier rain threat never materialized, in terms of a constant wide open Atlantic Gulf up the east coast. A bit more progressive pattern is taking hold. Soo we got that going for us in #2020 lol
  7. Some decent supercell composite numbers as well as STP VALUES for tomorrow. Spc put south of here in the rare 10% tornado outlook. Timing for us, like today, will be the main inhibiting factor. But we’ll see how it plays out.
  8. You forgot the best part!! Sub 1” pwats (low humidity!)
  9. Summertember.... just hope for less cut of, and more progressive fronts that keep sweeping the coast. 1-3 warm days, few days cool down... if not, we bake. Maybe not upper-mid 90’s, but low 90’s possible and HUMID
  10. Gonna be a humid month if that trough remains to our west. Would just open the gulf and Atlantic up the eastern seaboard. You can see for next week the PWAT’s are running 160% of normal on the mean. Def getting concerned about a wet period next week that we all don’t need.
  11. Not so fast : and right behind them is where the relief is:
  12. New backyard has some low lying spots. (Grantees we’ve had about 7-12” of rain the last month). any ideas to fill it it? Just top soil and seeding?
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