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  1. And, right on cue, with Heisy checking out, late this afternoon my last vestiges of untouched snow have gone the way of Frosty the Snowman until their return for the winter of 2021-2022...😢 Thanks for the entertainment Heisy‼️
  2. HEISY! I really hope you’ve had a lot of fun but you’ve made one huge mistake (bigger than not picking Cheyenne)... As far as I can see, you’ve neglected to mention and thank the very kind support from a handful of supporters of your Go Fund Me campaign! A little appreciation now could go a long way with future such efforts!
  3. And...Just like clockwork.
  4. Don’t be surprised if Heisy “checks-out” for a bit between the thin air and his pending radar/model hallucinations‼️ Keep your “smelling salts” nearby Heisy‼️
  5. I’m left with about 50% of that... Nearly a month and a half with snow on the ground... When did that last happen⁉️
  6. Mine looks exactly like susqushawn’s but my neighbor’s south lawn (with a slight northerly slope) is still nearly 100% covered with ~3” (and I'm talking about almost an acre)...others around me are even deeper!!
  7. 4” north facing shaded front (50%) 3” south facing shaded back (50%) Neighbor’s south facing back yard is still nearly 100% covered with anywhere from 3-5” as it has a northerly slop to the lawn...Incredible!!!
  8. Coincidentally... Just had this pop up in my Google News today: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lonelyplanet.com/amp/articles/best-beaches-in-maine
  9. Sign me up for 6 months of each... Alternate every three months‼️‼️ Edit: Truly hoping for an occasional visit from mermaids and snow bunnies‼️ 😉
  10. Still nearly 100% snow coverage... My property has anywhere from very small green patches up to as much as 5” in shaded (untouched snow) areas‼️ First photo is SW facing ~ Second photo NE
  11. As purchased, it was April through October but the added solar pv reliability with Generac propane backup plus planned spray-foam under the floor should extend that... We like a cold house but a propane fired heating stove with open floor plan handles the heating we need!
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