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  1. Well... My deepest thanks to those of you who weighed in after my “snow obsession” post from last evening! It goes to reaffirm my feelings about this curious hobby of ours and, moreover, gave me some great fodder to read to my wife (and grown children) as confirmation that I’m not a lone oddball‼️ Only wish my grandfather and mom were around to get a chuckle out of it as they were the ones who rubbed off on me.... I think I may have passed it on to my three kids, just a bit, but they’ll never admit it‼️😉
  2. Over the years, I continue to laugh about how alike so many of us are, not just with our curious love for snow but also in regards to: • the huger the snowpiles the better • “anal” perfection with our shoveling/snow pile making (Parsley even had some “hospital corners” on his snowpiles) • “Don’t EVEN think about walking across my pristine snow-covered lawn!” • creative snow-light setups and snow-depth measuring devices • what have I missed⁉️ Thanks all for making me feel just a bit more normal and a little less neurotic‼️
  3. I’m most worried about the ICE... As in, those frickin’ huge icicles dangling off my gutters crashing down in the middle of the night onto my bay-window roof below‼️ Perhaps that’s what the NWS was warning us about⁉️🤔😏
  4. Touch the top of your Tempest to see if it’s glazed!
  5. Buckingham, PA: (Tempest) 31.1° w/light freezing drizzle
  6. Thanks, that I understand but I’ve always been curious how they divide Bucks (town wise)!u It must be somewhat randomly drawn as Chalfont is SW of me and they’re “upper”... I suppose I’m on the line here in Buckingham as Pipersville up the road is “upper”!
  7. Anyone have a NWS map of bucks showing an up close of their delineation line (showing towns) between upper and lower bucks?
  8. Who has a NWS map of bucks showing an up close of their delineation line (showing towns) between upper and lower bucks?
  9. Frustrating for me that my wife and I just bought an off-grid coastal cottage (“camp”) in far northern DownEast Maine (above Acadia) and can’t use it until I get solar installed this spring!
  10. BUCKINGHAM, PA: Sleet/FR - 24.3° 18° 78%
  11. Buckingham PA: Cloudy 27° 10° 48%
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