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  1. Neat shot of a shower cloud as it moved offshore. This was over the DE bay, one of the hail/wind showers that hit the area I assumed it was a storm with an anvil, but really just wasn't that big when it came into full view. Some serious wind up there! Shot around 7:30pm reflecting the setting sun.
  2. Taken from Cape Henlopen. Temp dropped from 61 to 43 and we got some hail/snow/slush. Unreal!
  3. same here, I assume a RS issue. Go into settings and switch to NOAA as radar source.
  4. Will be interesting to see if these make it all the way up here (and/or reach north enough). Still plenty of sun here.
  5. Frizzle to light dainty snow now. Looks quite pretty out there, but I'll happily stay inside. Solid ice coat on everything.
  6. Lots of ice in delco, roads have been bad this morning. This is my stoop which was heavily salted and cleared last night. Ive seen some small flakes come througg recently but the majority this morning was FR and sleet. Disgusting.
  7. Not only is the sleet heavy, but the pellets seem massive. My roof vents sound like a constantly ringing doorbell. Great for getting work done...
  8. Wow, if this comes close to verifying at 23z tomorrow....
  9. I'm in the dry slot and there's moderate snow with pretty puffy flakes coming down. I suppose I'm right on the edge, Media/Upper providence area.
  10. Just 5 minutes ago it was all sleet here in Media, now it's mostly snow. I'll take it.
  11. My office (that I haven't been to in almost a year at this point) is on the corner w/13th & Sansom. I'd so love sit out there in the sleet today but wouldn't want to put the staff through that. Here in delco it's absolutely pounding sleet...still haven't seen a flake since last night. Looks like I better get used to it.
  12. Let's hope the heavy band survives the south pivot
  13. It's going to pivot, the question is when/where. The SNJ dry spot COULD simply stay there and have banding wrap around it as the system moves slowly eastward. Those backend bands are going to be mostly all snow as they come through (which is what NEPA/NNJ is experiencing now). I think it still has a bit to go before the bands swing south, but wouldn't be surprised to see a good thump as it does. You can see the very top bands near NYC already starting to trend WSW.
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