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  1. re:2, caught that last night too and thought it was odd. Just my 2 cents, but this is the first time I have seen a clear debris ball following a tornado around here. There were a couple of them, certainly the CNJ and Bucks Co ones both were pretty pronounced in the CC map. If I had a guess, that would be the indicator but couldnt tell you the tech language spec.
  2. Man what a day. I can't wait to see some of the storm reports and footage. Praying for minimal injuries and casualties, some of these were nuts. In particular that long lasting monster tornado with radar visible debris field.
  3. Well this evolved into the tor warn near ocean acres.
  4. This other area just southwest of ft dix looks potentially interesting still. Hard to tell due to its proximity to Dix and distance from TPHL.
  5. From KDIX, this patch of wibd just blew up over cinnamonson, south of the tornado up jear neshimany mall. That fizzled quick. This new blob is tough to read.
  6. This action on the back end near warminster...I smell a tornado warning. It seems to be intensifying too.
  7. Hey they finally warned that cell in NNJ I picked out over an hour ago (it has strengthened quite a bit), it has been showing weak rotation for a while. I feel validated lol
  8. lots of pockets of strong wind in these. all along that line. The little blip in north jersey is an interesting one too. I expect more warnings popping up.
  9. From NOAA SPC Mesoscale analysis description of hail params chart: Today we didn't have much CAPE due to the smoke, but plenty of shear thanks to the front, I did not get a chance to look at heights, might be able to dig out a good t skew. In this storm the vertically integrated liquid metric was maxxed big time, so that's a cross between tall clouds, massive moisture density, and the cape/shear combo fuel for it. I would guess there were probably downbursts associated with that storm given those params as well, probably some of the severe wind associated with it. Doesn't totally answe
  10. prequel to the main line or enough energy sap to break it up....🤔
  11. Quick 10 minute extremely heavy torrential, tropical-type rain here in Media. Some mild wind - 15-25mph gusts but no thunder or lightning.
  12. Front moving over the Alleghenys and starting to fire some storms from a line Scranton > Altoona. Still a couple hours at least until they reach the Philly metro. You can see the front start to push the smoke out a bit in front, but not by a whole lot. Our energy is going to be capped by the smoke. This would be a pretty heavy day if we didn't have the smoke around to choke it (literally).
  13. I would imagine it cuts down on CAPE quite a bit, but SPC Mesoscale analysis is still predicting us to get to about 3k Surface CAPE and 1500-2k K/Kg MLCAPE which should be plenty to fire up the storms. This (anecdotally based on when I check in) is about 60-75% of our peak CAPE this time of year. It's not unusual to see us at 4.5k surface and over 3k ML on a hot high 80s day like today if it is clear. I also wonder in cases like today how far out front the cold front pushes the smoke out of the way. Are we possibly looking at 1-2 hour window of significant clearing and heating ahead of th
  14. Finally seeing some action in Media. Nothing overhead, but with the daylight fading, seeing lightning everywhere but to the north. Very frequent, and numerous bolts visible. Loving it! Wonder if it will ever fill in to where I am, north of the main cell.
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