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  1. The euro was schooled by the GFS as far as the rains. Euro was way too far west for awhile.
  2. I’m very close to that but looks just to my south
  3. Just heavy rain here. My mom said she got a good storm just north of Allentown.
  4. Looks like some showers. Grass will like it
  5. 11 90 days here at about 445 ft. 95 max.
  6. .18” from a storm that just rolled through. Had some small hail as well.
  7. Missed out on literally everything today. Only 0.08” here. Fine with me
  8. Agreed. Never liked today much. Looking forward to the cooler temps and hopefully stretch of dry weather
  9. Latest HRRR has the storms to the west falling apart before they reach the area. 0.01” of rain for the day…lol
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