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  1. 39.4F for the low last night. Loving the cool weather!
  2. .43” today, .82” for the week. Much needed!
  3. 0.37” here…finally washed some of the pollen away
  4. Got home from Colorado just in time for the winds tomorrow. Had a half inch of snow at my friend’s house at 8800 ft on Tuesday. Pretty cool.
  5. Had the first dose of Pfizer yesterday. No effects besides a little bit of a sore arm. We’ll see how the second dose is in a few weeks.
  6. Got up to 67 today...felt much warmer than that in the sun. Great day to be outside. Looks like a nice week coming up.
  7. Has there been a day the last month it hasn’t been windy?
  8. 55.25” here in Center Valley (just south of Allentown). Great winter.
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