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  1. Ahh the winter storm neapolitan. Mangled flakes, IP, and ZR all at once. Well it was fun while it lasted. Time to watch some football.
  2. Currently snowing moderate to heavy in NE philly. Sleet/rain line is knockin on the door, probly flip in the next half hr or less is my guess. Probly 1/2 inch on the ground eyeballing it on my way home from work. Atleast I got to see some decent rates for a brief moment before the slop and rain comes in.
  3. Nice little storm out there. Woke up to what looks like around 4 inches eyeballing it in NE philly. Heading to work so no actual measurement. Super fluffy stuff made clearing the car off easy.
  4. Well that was the craziest severe weather day I think Ive ever lived through. Ive never seen 2 and 3 warning boxes for different severe alerts overlapping like they did today. Absolutely crazy stuff today between the flooding and tornadoes. I hope everyone here avoided any serious damage and hope everyone who was affected can recover quickly. What a weather day!
  5. Im usually a winter weather guy on here so I know you guys would know way better than me, is this a historic tornado outbreak for this region? Because in my 33 years of life, I cant recall this many tornadoes, let alone large destructive ones around these parts like this. I was at work looking at the weather alert boxes all overlapping eachother in awe! Im in Far NE philly and so far we've been spared any tornadoes or crazy rain totals but theyve been nearby.
  6. Yep, im in that area. Im at work at Jefferson Torresdale hospital and we had to evacuate all the cars out of the bottom of the parking garage from flooding. My wife tells me the power is out at home and my yard is flooded but not my house yet, so hopefully no more heavy stuff as its tapering off now. 3+ hrs of torrential rain and thunder.
  7. Got nailed here in NE Philly! Tons of lightning and thunder, small hail, and some nasty gusts. I'd have to guess 60+ mph. My neighbors portable car port broke like a twig in the worst of it. Lost power for a couple mins but its back now, thankfully, for my fish tanks. Winding down now but man that was one of the better storms I've seen around here.
  8. Raining hard with a few pings mixed in. Got close to an inch before the switch.
  9. Ripping fat flakes out there. Streets have caved and probly 1/4-1/2 inch on cars. Some of the best rates Ive seen this winter!
  10. Snowing good in NE philly. Sidewalks and cars coated. Streets havent caved yet. Rain line creeping N so hoping to get maybe a quick inch before we flip.
  11. I wonder if we can keep the surface a little colder than modeled with the snowpack we have? A few degrees could make a decent difference for us on the fringe of the rain/snow line. Ill be happy just to see solid rates for a short time, if we accumulate thats a bonus for me.
  12. Snowing lightly stil and now a fresh coating on cars and side walks with the sun down. Nice little storm!
  13. Steady light to maybe pushing moderate snow under that band near the city. Best snow of the day today.
  14. Sleet like ice chunks mixed with big flakes coming down at a good rate. Around 5.5 inches here. Glad I shoveled the first 4 inches off since this stuff now is gonna suck to shovel.
  15. Back to mostly snow with cottonballs falling. Still some pings but its picking up in intensity as I type this.
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