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  1. Figured that. Wasn't sure if anyone on here spotted anything. Wife took a video but was hard to tell whether it was a spinner or just straight line winds. Our neighborhood lost pretty much every tree. Lots of roof, siding and window damage. One house lost their entire chimney. My place fared ok compared to others. Just need to replace some segments of siding that got hit with hail. I still need to get on the roof to see what damage it took but from the ground it looks like I have all my shingles.
  2. Any word on what came through Perkiomenville? Tornado or straight line winds?
  3. Can anyone give a road condition update on 663, 309, and 378 from Perkiomenville to Bethlehem. Really need to get to Saint Luke’s hospital in Bethlehem tonight.
  4. Almost a two hour drive home from Conshohocken to Perkiomenville. A lot of accidents.
  5. Caught a few on my morning run in Green Lane park
  6. Wouldn't that bode well to help things slow down? Hard to tell what's going on in GL in that view but appears there's some high pressure/blocking, no?
  7. Going off the UKMET, it looks a there's a good 50/50 low. Did we have that feature during last week's storm?
  8. Coming down steadily in Perkiomemville. Dusting on cars and grass.
  9. Snow fighting it's way back in here in Perkiomenville, PA
  10. Judging by the SPC's convective outlook, I'm assuming we're going to be stuck under this cloud cover for most of the day? Any chance we break out of it to get things fired up?
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