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  1. Works for me. I’ve been enjoying the open windows and not using AC for the past 3 days. Looking forward to the next chance to do this.
  2. 92 for a high temp today in Spring Mount, PA after hitting 91 yesterday. Looking forward to the cool down later this upcoming week.
  3. Yeah, looks like a few rain / t-storm chances between Wednesday evening and Saturday... with humidity, of course. Don’t really see prolonged dry for a while.
  4. The clouds and chill were replaced today by sunny and warmer weather... along with the return of the cicada noise (which I will gladly take). In fact, I will take another 4 months of today’s weather. 😊
  5. Wow, and I thought there were a ton of them around my maple trees! But yeah, they are definitely making quite a bit of noise today.
  6. After 17 years, they’re baaaaaaack!
  7. 68 for a high today in Spring Mount, PA. Great day for being outside and doing some yard cleanup. Haven’t had to mow my lawn yet, but that’s only a week or so away.
  8. Take care and I hope you and your wife are back to 100% soon.
  9. Meh, the post 8 PM sunsets are great from May through August. Enables me to do yard work in the evenings when it’s slightly cooler than in the afternoon.
  10. Just had a shot of Irish whiskey in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. ☘️
  11. The first Sunday in April was the sweet spot for DST to begin. Late enough to avoid pushing sunrises forward too much, and early enough for the later sunsets to allow for yard work to be done in the evenings... when things are actually growing. It’s not like I need to trim hedges or mow my lawn on March evenings.
  12. I’m not even a morning person and I hate post-7 AM sunrises. It was MUCH better when DST began in April.
  13. 73.5 in Spring Mount, PA. Currently working from my front porch. 🙂
  14. Pretty much the same here. Only shoveled piles and a patch in my backyard that is shaded by my house remain. Not all of us can live above 500’ in the deep woods. 😉
  15. 67 for a high temp today in Spring Mount, PA.
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