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  1. Just got these today as an early birthday present from my sister-in-law. Will probably have a glass of the one on the left tomorrow night in celebration of turning... an undisclosed age. 😄
  2. Ugh. Those buggers were everywhere back in 2004 from mid-May to mid-June. Mowing my lawn was an adventure with so many of them perched on low tree branches, and sometimes getting in my hair (literally).
  3. I'm not either. As JamieO stated, March has become a much snowier month in recent years. I could see one more stretch of colder weather (hopefully before March 21) with a couple more snow threats.
  4. The biggest is almost 7 feet high and nearly the same wide. It should last until about Easter. 😄
  5. A few pics taken at 5:30 PM, right after I finished shoveling:
  6. Indeed. If it's going to be warm, let it be dry.
  7. Since my birthday is later this week, I'd take a little something this weekend to finish off the snow season. Not that I'll complain about snow in March (which is still part of winter, IMO - at least until the 20th), but I'm also perfectly fine with a warm and dry March. Knowing our luck, it will be too warm for snow, but not overly warm thanks to lots of damp days.
  8. Nice. I still have a bit of work and shoveling to complete... but I'll have a glass of red wine once that is all completed in about 2 hours.
  9. Picked up 4.5" of snow from the Feb 22 event, which brings the seasonal total of snow/sleet up to 40.6" in Spring Mount, PA. And yes, it took a whole lot less hours to get almost the same amount of snow as the previous event. 😁
  10. It's not just you, but my reason is the cost of a snow shovel vs. the cost of a snow blower. 😄
  11. As of 1:20 PM in Spring Mount, PA... light snow/rain mix is falling with a temp of 32.5 degrees. Looks like the 4.5" of snow I just measured will be the final amount for this event. That was a really nice 3 hour stretch from 10 AM to 1 PM (1"+ per hour rates).
  12. There seemed to be a lot of emphasis from the local TV networks - even for out where we live - on the change to rain, temps warming to near 40 degrees, main roads all being wet, etc. Less emphasis on the thump of heavy snow and what impact that would have while it was occurring.
  13. 4.3” in Spring Mount, PA at 1 PM. Snow has let up some and temp is 32.2 degrees.
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