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  1. I'm partial to Northern Vermont. While there may be slight decrease in total snow vs. The Lakes, you will make up for it in beautiful scenery. Someone mentioned the craft beer scene. Yes, it's legit up there! Also, a coastal crawler that gives us rain here, will likely clobber northern Vermont.
  2. I'm in Jenkintown...its getting eerie here...
  3. Yes I guess a substantial outbreak for the area.
  4. Wow that looks like a tornado near Peddlers village.
  5. I concur. Power is out in about 60% of the township.
  6. Yes and the Iron Abbey adjacent to Na Brasa is excellent for pre and post meat sweat drinks!
  7. My family did Skyline Drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway down to NC last summer in an RV. Totally recommend that as a beautiful RV trip!
  8. I would say widespread in certain areas, particularly in the backyard, but more spotty in the front yard. Mostly dandelions, creeping charlie and violets, then nutsedge when the hot weather starts up.
  9. I'm looking for off-grid as well. I've researched acreage up in NW PA in Forest and Elk counties, adjacent to the Allegheny National Forest.
  10. Can anyone recommend a good early spring lawn fertilizer/emergent weed killer that is safe for pets? Is corn gluten the way to go? Thanks in advance!
  11. Heavy snow in Jenkintown. Probably 4 to 5" on the ground, but I need to measure to be sure. At 6:30 a.m. when I took the puppy out, it was probably 2" per hour rates.
  12. Heavy snow in Jenkintown with big fatties. Everything is covered.
  13. Just took the dog out to do her business, and it's dumping in Jenkintown!
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