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  1. I always scratched my head seeing people report 10 inches when I’m sitting at 2 or 3. It was nice to finally be on the higher end for a change. Thanks also to everyone on this site for doing what you do.. great job
  2. Heading to work. Been in that heavy band all morning apparently.. looks like almost 4 inches maybe already near Trenton..
  3. I think Heisy is right about DC area. Seems the models are pulling that Lucy football away all season.. Just as they did to us last season. Afraid to comment on anything until within 24 hours at this point.
  4. Heaviest snow band so far today. 4 inches near Mercer County Park
  5. Is it just me or does it seem like central PA and interior New York State can cash in on our Nor’easters 75 miles off shore .. however move that Low an additional 75 miles off shore and precip can barely make it to New Jersey.. been wondering for years !!??!!
  6. Best snows of day happening now in Trenton area.. thought I was gonna have to call the crisis hotline for some of you earlier 😂
  7. Yea my question is... The model runs happening now .. these are showing totals additional to what has already fallen today?
  8. Para has been steady for days!! LOVES CENTRAL JERSEY!!
  9. Jersey people are allowed a longer leash for nerves as we constantly deal with mixing lines / changeover lines.. that being said this will be widespread enjoyable
  10. You may be way under done in central jersey.. I-195 East and northThrough Monmouth county unless they get heavy mixing
  11. These maps are fun to look at but let’s keep our expectations in check. A solid 8-12 (region wide) would be a huge win..
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