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  1. Got some heavy rain from this, but that’s about it.
  2. Yeah, looking overcast and no rain till later, but couldn't pull the trigger to chance it with 3 little ones under 10 by myself. Maybe next year though. Good call Tony and Thanks!
  3. Um well I got till tomorrow to decide, just not sure if the 3 hour drive down and back will be worth it? Dang I'll give it another 24 hour weather cycle.
  4. Thanks for the info Tony, here's to hoping the GFS get's a clue. I'm good with dry and a little overcast at this point.
  5. So what are the thoughts for the OC MD Airshow this weekend? Been keeping an eye on this system, just wondering if the rain will hold off on Saturday and just be overcast.
  6. Yep can attest to that, heaving rain and some wind, but was windier earlier today. Definite weakening coming across into Lanc County.
  7. Speaking on the lighter side of things, this happened yesterday. I turned the footage over to the police and they alerted local media. Am thankful that I'm one of the few still employed as our Smorgasbord has been closed down since the 16th. https://local21news.com/news/local/woman-cuts-line-at-shady-maple-slaps-another-for-not-maintaining-social-distancing
  8. I'm assuming little to no precipitation out west of any significance? Thanks Tom
  9. Nice band coming my way, we’ll see if it continues to build. 22 right now.
  10. Was up to 44 but dropped back down to 43, I'm liking where I'm at and am hoping to pull 2" FTW.
  11. Got about 1" here. Looks really nice driving through town with Christmas lights and all.
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