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  1. Excellent advice, thank you, I wanted the CocoRahs for this very reason. Appreciate the links, I've already signed up. Thanks everyone!
  2. Interesting because my Tempest measured 1.37" but the CocoRah measured 1/2 of that. Um...
  3. That .65 in New Holland, is me Measured this morning around 7:15am. Occasional light rain the last hour.
  4. Boy do I miss Myrtle Beach, these were from last week.
  5. Got 1.54 on CocoRah gauge and Tempest was 1.84. Nice crisp morning, got down to 48.
  6. @MitchnickLOL no I didn't. I didn't want a combine chasing me down the street!
  7. Gorgeous out there this evening. Currently sitting at 68.
  8. Got 1.40” last night. Beautiful night tonight!
  9. Route 222 today near Brownstown and Oregon Pike.
  10. 4.42" Storm total. Feels beautiful this morning. Hope everyone is safe.
  11. That's for sure, 26 MPH gust here. Yeah nothing compared to our friends east of us though.
  12. Just had a water rescue in this 1st pic below.
  13. Yeah, when I saw your post I was like what the ...........anyway. Still see more coming up from the south, so wouldn't be surprised if I get to 5.
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