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  1. Had some light snow move through just a few minutes ago. Looked pretty on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. Ok Tom, so when's the next chance, you're batting 100% so don't let us down now. LOL
  3. Eye balling it, I'd say around 6 inches, but not official.
  4. Had some pingers at time. Snowing heavy right now. My Movie.mp4
  5. Flurries by Shady Maple 27 degrees dropped from 29. Route 30/283 in Lancaster
  6. Starting snow here(Shady Maple) just a few minutes ago.
  7. Thanks, yeah we aren't fond of the wind part, I told her you may have to plan on something indoors. Maybe we get lucky, but this is 2020
  8. Looking at the overnight runs, it appears that the GFS is a bit slower to move precipitation out compared to the other models. Anyone want to take a stab at their best guess when rain ends? 1pm is picture time outside. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Tom, I kind of figured that. 1st one for Dad
  10. Hate to ask a question for IMBY, but my daughter is getting married on Sat and is looking to have pictures outside around 1pm, told her to get a backup plan, but am curious if this could hold off till later afternoon. Thanks and sorry for the weenie question.
  11. 1.1 of rain and a nice rainbow coming into work this morning.
  12. Heavy Rain with thunder here, .84 since 5am.
  13. Got some heavy rain from this, but that’s about it.
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