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  1. I should just save myself the couple minutes of browsing here daily by taking a screenshot of this post, printing and framing it, hanging it on my bedroom wall so it’s the first thing I see in the morning and I move on with my day without thinking of snow. This winter ssssssuuuucccckkkkkssss
  2. Good coating from initial burst up here at work in Millburn NJ not far from I78
  3. Those favorable HRRR runs were fun while they lasted... I miss the PHL snow magnet days
  4. Couple random flakes mixing in with light rain a minute ago in National Park NJ, NW Gloucester county NJ across from PHL
  5. Wonder if we see some convergence of the stuff near PHL and that blossom near Vineland
  6. Following this feature on the models makes me wanna say not 2-10” but....2 OR 10 inches. You’re either in it or not.
  7. Been suuuuuppppeeerrrr busy so haven't been tracking closely.....interested in any analysis of scenarios where round one over or underperforms and downstream effects on the rest of the storm....I'm working up north near I78 union\essex nj on Sunday but heading home 930pm Sunday night and at home base in Gloucester county for the rest of the storm, see y'all in the obs threads
  8. My Dorian update I posted to friends and family on Facebook... #Dorian has been traveling over one half of Grand Bahama island all night...it’s still a Category 5 hurricane. This would be like a major tornado touching down in a town...and 6 hours later its still just one town over... It will spend most of the day barely moving. From there most models and forecast sources have it scraping the coast of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina all week as it remains dangerous and, with its storm surge likely staying strong longer than its top winds...des
  9. Both models and NHC track have the stall/turn so abrupt it looks like a video of a sports car “drifting” into a turn that comes to a complete stop right before smacking into a bystander and the bystander is the state of Florida...hope them brakes work!
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