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  1. Beautiful morning, indeed! When it was absolutely dumping snow around 12:30 this morning, I knew we'd be waking up to some amazing scenery. Did not disappoint.
  2. It was coming down pretty well here in Gloucester Co! Being able to have enough snow on the ground to build a snowman with the kids while it continued snowing is a win in my book. Although I definitely wouldn't mind another few inches to fall... or 20.
  3. We were always supposed to have to wait until noon/early afternoon, right? We still have time. Holding out hope here, 12ish miles SSE of KPHL.
  4. Beautiful setup! That 2070 doing a helluva job rendering that radar.
  5. First - obligatory thank you to all you knowledgeable folks, from a long time lurker. Second - I am very much looking forward to going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning to snow on the ground. It feels like forever since that's happened for us.
  6. Its a beautiful picture. I'll take work (Fort Washington) getting hammered since I'll now be WFH, but wouldn't mind a 10 mile tick SE.
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