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  1. Anyone know a GFS sample output site similar to wxweb.meteostar.com/sample ? Looks like they are shutting the site down. I enjoy seeing the text output of each run.
  2. 22.5 at ABE and still going for better or for worse.
  3. snowing for the past hour or so in Allentown
  4. Thank you to you both for the replies. I am actually the contracted snow observer for Mt. Holly for ABE (Tony can vouch for that) and I can confirm that ABE did record 32.1" last season. I have been very bored this season :)
  5. Hi all, I am trying to find the yearly snow totals for ABE (not averages) for the last (several decades) or longer. Googling has not been my friend so far. Does anyone know of a site (with link) that they can point me to? Thanks in advance! Joe
  6. Thank goodness my daughter woke me up st 1145!!
  7. Seems like a microburst touched the south side of Allentown Saturday afternoon...
  8. For Allentown: The Thursday night/Friday morning storm snowfall total was 0.8” The Friday night/Saturday storm snowfall total was 4.1” The Sunday night/Monday morning storm snowfall total (as of 1am Monday morning) was 6.6”. So, the snowfall total for March so far (as of March 4th at 1am) is 11.5”. So March by far has been our snowiest month of the winter and it bring our total winter snowfall very close to average, believe it or not.
  9. Looks beautiful here in Allentown
  10. ABE as of 8pm measurement 12.3" snowfall.....2.1" (12z) + 4.0 (18z) + 6.2 (0z) = 12.3". Snow depth average 11".
  11. ABE: 2.1 as of 8am and another 4" as of 2pm for a total of 6.1" thus far at ABE with it snowing moderately/heavily since then
  12. In Allentiown off airport road and few flakes just starting to mix in. Snowboard still clean and just wet.
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