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  1. That would suck. Maybe we go from rain to snow once the “coastal” takes over and precip slides west to east. Gfs and icon hinted at this evolution
  2. Good post. Don’t scold me, but with that streamer position I wonder if we sacrificed a warmer/N first storm it would help bring the 28 wave north as well since it would keep that streamer farther north in its wake
  3. Rocking last week of feb? This winter is teetering on the edge. Need to score with this next event a few inches, then maybe hit the 28th and we’d be free rolling
  4. Dt gonna honk? Lmao. Or shall I say bark. I hope he does that means it’ll come north
  5. I mean at this range it’s not in a bad spot, but ughhhhh. How far a drive is that?! lol the susqu heisy better not let us down
  6. Look at the potential with this thing, if I have to storm chase to DTs house I’ll be pissed
  7. Damn fast flow keeps the 28th event from turning corner. Gonna need latitude with that one before it comes east to make up form it. Been working, or trying at least
  8. Gfs and icon seem to be warmer for the front end unless I’m looking at it wrong. Not that I’d trust their thermals
  9. I bet there’s some biggies on the eps for that one. That H5 track argued for a more NW track early on imo
  10. Lol it might bomb just east, but it does get snow to us and is so close to a mini closed off ull
  11. The susqu heisy looks okay here. That tpv is farther west like the GFS
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