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  1. That makes complete sense. When I was at the Wawa near bensalem chasing I noticed really dark clouds in the distance to the SE towards NE airport. That circled area is where I live. I'm a 1 minute drive away from NE Airport. I grabbed some pictures of the trailer park that got destroyed Ill post them later.... It is much more impactful seeing the damage in person compared to photos. Really amazing and lucky that my grandmother wasn't hit. She has lived in that home for 30 years.
  2. My grandmother lives in that mobile home development. Headed there now I’ll see if I can grab some pictures
  3. This was when I was driving up the boulevard I was so caught up with what was going on I didn’t save anymore radar pictures, but I swear my RadarScope blue circle indicator was right over the highest velocities once it got to my location. I JUST missed it./got the back of it as Irish said, or maybe got clipped. Was fun! On the last picture I was still driving NE.
  4. Hey fellas, thought I'd check in. I live near welsh/boulevard. I saw the hook forming heading right towards Bensalem so I decided, since I'm crazy, to go drive and chase it. I drove right up the boulevard and made it to the Wawa near Neshaminy Motel, RIGHT AS THE TORNADO WAS FORMING. I was right up the road from where the tornado hit I experienced one of the coolest things ever. It was pouring rain with low visibility, and then suddenly as the tornado passed to my North (I believe) the winds quickly changed directions, the sun became visible, and it got extremely gusty. Was a pretty cool
  5. I can't wait for the first HECS the new GFS shows Day 8 next December
  6. This gefs run is gonna have some members that get snow very close to the city. There must be some members that have snow in VA thru 117... Not gonna happen but hoping a big event happens for some reason. Poconod May chase? One time!
  7. 12z euro and control close to having snow day 10 for just NW, wth lol
  8. I’m gonna have to do a Heisy count at some point. It’ll be a rough estimate since I don’t measure but I bet I personally saw 80” or so this year. Between Dover, NH, and Lewisburg is like 40-50”
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