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  1. 12z euro and control close to having snow day 10 for just NW, wth lol
  2. I’m gonna have to do a Heisy count at some point. It’ll be a rough estimate since I don’t measure but I bet I personally saw 80” or so this year. Between Dover, NH, and Lewisburg is like 40-50”
  3. Weird I really don’t see anything on guidance atm? anyway, I was gonna head up to S VT for this one but I got too much stuff going on so couldn’t. No biggie I saw enough snow this year.
  4. Don’t think i Haven’t been tracking lol. I have a friend who is gonna go too so gonna decide soon....need a shot at 2 feet though in high elevation locations to make it worthwhile. Might ask Walt drag where to go once we get real close (if it holds)
  5. Seems models have high totals up near Lake Placid, but they are also dumping high totals near Malone & W. Would downsloping hurt those regions though? Maybe Syracuse would be best spot?
  6. 00z NAM continued that look. WIsh this thing could have closed off farther South it may have been good enough for snow here. Looks like 2 ft+ near Malone and West.
  7. It is very borderline, but if consider a chase to extreme N NY if we something like this is 36 hours out
  8. Euro an interesting H5 look but would need that to happen farther South. Verbatim Heisy ends up in Upstate NY
  9. Yea agreed. Would need that wave to dig and negative tilt. Positive trough/Ana front hard to work this time of year
  10. Couple supportive members. I’d obviously sell at this range but...
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