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  1. Thanks Tony! I was checking earlier and didn't see many delays!
  2. Add another.85 since 7am, total so far of 2.88”
  3. The wind is what I'm mainly worried about. Hopefully it dies down as day progresses
  4. Still a fair amount of green, but a lot of those trees may just end up brown. There are still some Norway maples that’ll be yellow in the coming weeks. I guess it’s difficult getting the perfect fall around here
  5. Had to run an errand in stroudsburg this am. Drove through Delaware water gap hoping to see some good colors but fog in the mountains hindered the view and colors. Still looked nice tho
  6. Hopefully. Really socked in with clouds and some fog earlier, finally starting to see blue skies
  7. Brewers have really upped their can and label art game over the years I must say
  8. Dense fog, approx. less than 50 yd. visibility, 55F
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