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  1. Overnight low the last two nights in the upper 30's here. As a rule of thumb I never plant any warm weather crops before May 20th up here. June 1st is a safe bet!
  2. Ok, I was on Wunderground, maybe it's their issue. Just went on NWS Mt Holly and their radar is working
  3. Looks like most (if not all) regional NWS radars are down for maintenance at the same time...is this normal or could it be something else? (DIX, DOX, BGM, CCX, OKX)
  4. Is it just me or does it seem lately (the last 5 or so years) we have a fairly intense "pollen season" around this time of year? I'm sure conditions dictate how "bad" it gets, but I never remembered it being like this say 20-30 years ago. But it could be that I'm just getting old and it bothers me more!
  5. Drove down to central Virginia yesterday and it was a challenge fighting the heavier wind gusts. Both hands on the wheel! The trucks were really dealing with it too. Noticed several clouds of pollen blowing around as well.
  6. Tuesday hi/lo: 38/75 Today 47/?? (85 forecast) Love these 35+ degree spreads
  7. @Rainshadow6.6 We shall see what damage was done on the young vegetable plants in the garden with the 1-2 punch from Mother Nature (hail, then cold temps). The hail matted down some plants. I suspect the radish will be ok, hopefully lettuce, spinach, kale, chard will recover.
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