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  1. This reminded me of a friend I had in college from Houghton, MI (Upper Peninsula). He would tell stories of playing many of his HS football games in snow. I just looked up their average seasonal snowfall. 202" LOL
  2. Good points Tony. A place that came to mind is Asheville NC. Checks a lot of weather boxes (for me), 4 seasons, some snow, not sweltering hot in summer
  3. Looks like a great place. Taos looks nice as well. And they avg. 38" snow per year! I would think it's pretty expensive, but just guessing.
  4. Man, I envy you. Years ago, we vacationed 3 years straight on Cliff Island, in the Casco Bay off Portland. It was fantastic, and would love to go back. Big fan of Maine!
  5. Family member has a house in Williamstown, MA (extreme NW corner of the state). NY state is 7 mi. to the W, and VT is 4 mi. to the N. Have driven around southwestern VT, Bennington area. Very nice views, Green Mountain area. Very remote in areas, and has decent elevation.
  6. Have seen lots of great mentions of places to move to or visit. Let's share them here!
  7. snow cover of 8.5" this AM. A measurable snow depth every day for the month. Minimum snow depth was 6.0" on 2/1. Monthly snow for Feb. was 44.6"
  8. Whatever the elements, always a good day to grill
  9. ...AREAS OF FOG INTO THIS AFTERNOON... Areas of fog will continue to affect parts of eastern Pennsylvania, and parts of northern and central New Jersey into this afternoon.
  10. measured a slushy inch on the board, curr. 33.3F with a light drizzle, overnight low of 32.6F
  11. For the record, this is the legend for the above graphic. Quite the spread for some of the risk levels
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