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  1. The Florida club (west palm area)
  2. Down playing in Florida been beautiful weather! Ready for golf season when I get home
  3. In the last 10 minutes: rain, rain/snow, snow, rain, back to heavy snow
  4. It will be really interesting looking at an end of the year snow map just to see the contrast. 10 miles could mean 10-15 inch difference. Sleet/rain here happy to have gotten a nice 2 hour burst of snow
  5. Very quick transition went from 100% snow to about 10% within 2 minutes
  6. Ugh I hear pinging... sleet snow mix in manayunk.
  7. Still holding on to snow in manayunk right now absolutely dumping
  8. Still snow in the suburbs just west of DC probably a good sign for those just west of 95
  9. Steady light snow in Manayunk, loving these long duration events even if it’s just light stuff on the back end
  10. They’ve shoveled about 100 more imaginary GFS 300 hour forecast inches than we have
  11. It is a wild contrast. We’ve had so many complex setups this year. I know people have mentioned this but when was the last decent clipper? Those usually spread a nice even coat for many unlike these feast or famine systems
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