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  1. Just finally had a chance to measure in Newtown pa 6” after a full day of compaction and sun so very solid here
  2. Anyone have the data on when the last time Philly measured 1” or more?
  3. I think model flaws are highlighted to the greatest degree in our are over any other one in the country simple because of population volume in such a unique terrain transition zone. Asking models 5-7 days out to get a low placement right within 50 miles is a big ask. Minute changes have such a large impact in this area compared to so many others across the country. Still a little bump south or north could have huge impacts
  4. How do soundings look for tomorrow? Decent chance for white rain just north of 95 I assume? Don’t expect much to stick
  5. Sun angle definitely isn’t as big this time of year as say let Feb or March but it never hurts.
  6. Let us have one nice thing in 2020. Real nice 12z suite
  7. Rates were actually pretty decent a little colder bet a lot of places would’ve hit 1”.
  8. Does that main batch have the legs to make it here? Short range models don’t seem to think so
  9. Haven’t posted in a while I’m back for winter! Living down in Baltimore for 4 years taught me how difficult it is for snow in this region and especially down there we need great storm tracks and for sure a high to the north. This time of year it’s even more of a thread the needle. Think everyone’s anxious because it’s been about 2 years since any substantial snow patience just takes one great track and a cold source we have months left
  10. What a shame for tomorrow. System inches closer each run just too little too late looks like...
  11. I can attest Newtown pa biggest gust I’ve seen from a thunderstorm this season
  12. Severe thunderstorm watch up for just about everyone now
  13. Geez I was up there a few weeks ago it was still decent but that’s atrocious. I guess no irrigation system for fairways
  14. Really good storm in newtown, pa last evening with that line that rolled through. Lots of cloud to ground lighting within a mile. Those storms are always the best kind
  15. Some hail on the golf course yesterday when I played
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