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  1. I can attest Newtown pa biggest gust I’ve seen from a thunderstorm this season
  2. Severe thunderstorm watch up for just about everyone now
  3. Geez I was up there a few weeks ago it was still decent but that’s atrocious. I guess no irrigation system for fairways
  4. Really good storm in newtown, pa last evening with that line that rolled through. Lots of cloud to ground lighting within a mile. Those storms are always the best kind
  5. Some hail on the golf course yesterday when I played
  6. Yeah pretty sure NWS for Raleigh area is saying maybe 2” in the higher elevations
  7. 00z GFS shifted a bit north also... not saying there’s much of a chance but something to watch maybe
  8. This place is a ghost town😂 gotta think of how we’ve been spoiled the last 10-15 or so winters makes me feel a little better
  9. Exactly with this garbage airmass can’t really expect much down my way y’all getting a few inches is a huge win
  10. The models really struggling up until game time with these last two “snows”
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