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  1. yep. just moved from PA to DC this year. we've been screwed at the 11th hour by every single threat. truly a miserable location for snow.
  2. Wow at BGM area, looks like they are close to 24” there already with a death band pivoting right on top of them. I bet they make a run at 36”.
  3. I’ll take the under on those totals with a SLP track through Baltimore lol
  4. Mount Holly forecast has DYL at 19”. Right now I’d put the over/under at 4.5”.
  5. Yet another cruel reminder that it only snows on the coastal plain in February and March anymore.
  6. Quite the split in thermals between the GFS and NAM. I suspect (hope) the NAM is too warm, but I do think we get more sleet than the GFS is showing
  7. While I expect it will whiff us, I'd love to see the 0z Euro show a hit just for more model chaos
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