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  1. Is McGuire’s sensor malfunctioning? Dews seem a bit off. Yesterday the temp and dew skyrocketed for like two hours then reverted back to where it was before.
  2. Could be worse (back home, that is). Around 95 here with a dew in the mid 70’s, right near the ocean. Norfolk 100+ for the third day in a row.
  3. Thanks, trying to stay cool. Meanwhile, McGuire AFB checking in with 100/77, 115 HI.
  4. I’m in Corolla, NC this week. Wunderground’s Corolla area stations are all 94-95 with heat indices between 107-119 depending on which one you believe. It is brutal out there, and Norfolk hit 100 again at some point earlier this afternoon.
  5. Meanwhile, in Norfolk, 101. Edit: now 102, new record.
  6. PHL and PNE have basically switched sensors at this point.
  7. Don’t know if this has been mentioned at all but I’ve noticed that KPNE’s readings seem much more normal as of late.
  8. Had absolutely torrential rainfall in Cherry Hill for a while, shocked we still have power. The neighborhood I drove through lost power.
  9. ACY is reporting 95, but yeah PNE has had issues for a while.
  10. I’m at my grandmother’s in Allentown, and of course, the power just came back at my house in Cherry Hill. My neighborhood got hit pretty hard with numerous trees down, my backyard included. It fell away from our house so no damage. Our neighbor a few houses down had a tree in their daughter’s room, but no injuries.
  11. Haven’t been here much lately, all good here.
  12. Nothing. Not even a coating or anything on any surfaces. I’m so done with this winter.
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